How Do I Open a RAR File on Windows 10 Without RAR?

open RAR file on windows 10 without RAR

If you have come across a RAR file in your work environment and looking for a solution to open your files, you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about the RAR files and how to open them. We will provide you all the details about the RAR file software and how to use them. We will also provide you the download links to the RAR files software.Let’s get started. If you are asking if windows 10 devices can open RAR files, the answer is, Yes. They can open RAR files, but you’d need the help of a tool to open that. It is a proprietary file format to save data in a compressed state, and Windows 10 devices do not support it by default. There is much third-party software available that can be used. The third-party software can uncompress and extract all the information from the file. 

If you think that what was the need for such technology, the answer is that it adds a lot of functionality in the form of compression. It supports better compression, option to split compressed files, and other high-security features. You can download the RAR lab software from their website to open the files, but a better alternative to this is available. The best option to open RAR files in Windows 10 is 7 zip; it supports WIM files, RAR5 archives, and more. 

Let’s look at how you can use it on your computer.Open RAR files with 7 zip in Windows 10

First, you need to download 7-Zip from their official website.

  • Go to the 7-zip website and look for the download links, you’ll see two different versions.

  • Then, you need to click on the version that suits your computer 64 bit or 32-bit OS. 

  • Now, open the downloaded file and double click, follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool on your system. 

Once it is installed on your system, you can start using it. If you have a RAR file that you need to open, go to that folder and right-click on the file. Now, you will need to select 7-Zip and then click on Extract Files from the next menu pop up. A new pop window will ask to save the files to a safe location, browse the location to save your files, and click on the OK button. 

Now, your RAR file is extracted to that location, go there and have a look at the content of that file. You can use the 7-Zip program to open RAR files on any of your computers, and it is not limited to just windows 10 devices. You can install it on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 devices, and it will work just fine. 

There are other alternatives to 7-Zip; you can also check them out. Some of them are Extract Now, PeaZip, RAR Opener, and many more. You can also look at the RAR file opening tools in the windows store, and they are very active these days.

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