I told myself everything was going to be fine, but I lied

By Abel Udoekene

These tears are real and these Smiles are real too.
I must confess this chapter is hard, very very hard.
I’m writing to you from an open wound, starring directly at
the scars that has define my thought in the last few years.

Like me, you may have wonder the cruelty that exists in our World,
the pain and hurt that we endure in our quest to find happiness,
and the undiluted lies they keep telling us when they ‘politics’ their way to capture our mandate for their pockets.

Like me, you may have wondered about the racial divide. Are you black enough or white enough to deny this?
You may have wondered about the whole South – North arguments, the Feminism struggle, the gay and lesbian ‘sentence’ and sometimes you may have paused to ask yourself a question, are we still humans?

Like me, you may have seen the malnutrition problem , the class divide, the poverty crisis ,the unemployment challenge and maybe sometimes you wish you can just change everything and make the World better.

Please, I don’t blame you for anything,
I blame myself for buying their lies,
I blame myself for believing in their lies
I blame myself for letting thier lies to destroy my happiness.

Let me confess:
This is me speaking,
I used to tell myself that everything was going to be fine,
I’m sorry dear me, I lied,
Everything is already fine, that’s the truth,
I’m sorry for not being grateful to God for his daily love and blessing.
I’m sorry for lying to you all this while,
Don’t expect, just enjoy the moment, everything is just fine.

What do you think?

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


9 Comments on "I told myself everything was going to be fine, but I lied"

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Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

I love the suspense, I nearly fall for the lie too…. Thank you for this… Everything is just fine

Helena P
Helena P

Abel, How do you define fine, is that even a real word or a just, I don’t owe anything to being fine, we’ll I do believe in the now, that we should enjoy the now and forget about thinking of what tomorrow may bring

Carrie Dobson

Abel, I believe you. There is a lie I used to believe, I will share an article on that soon. Brace up, everything is fine

Dan Norton
Dan Norton

Wow, wonderful, everything is already fine…

That Ghanaian Girl

Nice one Abel

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