5 Ways to Style a Kimono

Summer is here!

Are you ready to slay the summer season with some great outfits ideas? 

Layering is fun in the sun:

Kimonos are the must-have pieces in everyone’s wardrobe. Layering a kimono makes the best fashion statement. With the latest styles and cool colors, they’re flattering on all body shapes. 

The excellent thing about kimonos for women during the summer season is that they’re so handy. You can adorn it everywhere: office, family picnic, friends outings, beach parties and so on. Women’s long kimonos are the must-have pieces to layer over the trendy attires.

Are you still confused about how to wrap a kimono? 

We’ll guide you how! 

Kimonos will be worn in many ways and during all seasons. Kimonos for women are the most adaptable pieces of styling outerwear in every woman’s closet. It gives you a glamorous look you want to achieve.

Putting a kimono over your shoulder while wearing a dashing dress is the simplest way to look WOW! 

Kimonos will stay on your shoulder and make your move beautifully. Wearing it like a shawl over the flattering figure dress is the best style. It shows defined shapes and adds extra charm to your beauty. 

Light touch up of the makeup and some decent jewelry pieces give you a contemporary look. Put beautiful heels and walk flawlessly.

Women’s Shorts+Kimono

You can achieve a stylish look by wearing a trendy kimono tank underneath and over the sexy shorts. Wrap the kimono first like a shawl and then move one end of the kimono across the opposite shoulder. This latest style to layer the kimono over the pair of tank and shorts makes you look cool and chic all day long. 

Make sure to wear delicate jewelry over this sexy combo to add extra charm to your look. Put ballerinas and walk flawlessly everywhere.

Women’s Jeans+Kimono

Especially in this hotter season, choose the vibrant colors for vibrant you. Adorn the cool kimono with stylish tops and jeans. You’ll look fashionable and feel comfortable throughout the day in this attire. Don’t hesitate to choose the new prints and the latest colors. 

Don’t forget to accessorize with the elegant jewelry pieces. An open hair and some make-overs give you a perfect look for the special day. Put booties to complete your special look.

Women’s Tops+Kimono

Add a layer on trendy tops and beautiful bottoms by choosing the latest style and cool colors. It boosts your confidence and covers your skin from the sunlight. Kimono will give extra grace to your style. You can wear fashionable tops such as off-the-shoulder, short sleeves, and so on and wrap stylish kimonos to achieve the gorgeous look.

Add the multi-layer necklaces and hoop earrings to add extra charm to your look. Choose the ballerinas and walk confidently. 

Women’s Tees+Kimono

If you’re going to attend the special events or parties, wrap a kimono over the classy tees and dashing denim bottom. It’ll shift your look from drab to fab. Make sure to choose the style of the kimono match with the color and design of your tees. Put gorgeous sandals and statement jewelry pieces to complete your exclusive look. 

Adorn a long necklace and hanging earrings will make you look gorgeous. Put the wedges with this combo look WOW!


Thus, kimonos are the most versatile piece of the outfits every woman has in their wardrobe. Choosing various styles and colors to wrap on tees, tops, dresses adds extra elegance to your natural look. Make sure to go with the latest style to achieve the figure-flattering look. 

You can layer kimonos over various outfits all the time. From spring to fall, day to night, casual to formal, you can wrap it. Experience the shopping spree with the Texas boutiques and choose the latest style to layer. Adorn it on different attires and have fun!

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