How To Recover Facebook Password Without Confirmation Reset

How To Reset Facebook Password


Facebook social media and technology company based out of America launched in 2015. Facebook comes under big four companies along with Amazon, Apple, Google. It also provides other services as well, it also acquired WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus. To open an account you have to sign up and log in, as there are so many accounts we make daily, there is a chance that we might forget the password. You can recover the Facebook password without recovery confirmation reset code in the simplest and quickest way. You can follow these steps and get the account recovered


How to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code


  1. Open Facebook page, enter your email address
  2. Press the “forgot password” option
  3. Enter reset account password and again type your E-mail address
  4. Click on “this is my account”
  5. You will be asked a security question. The answer that in case you do not remember your security question then click on restore my account with the help of a friend to recover password without confirmation reset code.
  6. Ask your three friends who can help you hack the account. Facebook will restore the verification code sent to your three friends.
  7. Choose the password sent to them and ask them to send it to you.
  8. Reset the password with the help of the code you received from your friends.


These steps are for Facebook password recovery for Facebook in case you forgot password their account. If you still find a problem in finding your account or issue with login-in into your account, you can contact the customer care service or contact them via E-mail.

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8 months ago

very helpful thanks

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