Residential Towing Services: Are You Aware of the 3 Ethical Practices?

Residential towing services are highly demanded around the US due to unfair or illegal parking practices. Property owners tend to go through some serious frustration dealing with the illegally parked vehicles on their property. However, the frustration goes away as soon as the residential towing company arrives to move the wrongly parked vehicle. It is highly important to realize that property owners need to follow some ethical practices on their end to minimize illegal parking on their property. Especially, if the trend of illegal parking in the same property zone is observed frequently, it can be due to some reasons that we will be discussing as we move further. If you face the trouble dealing with frequent practices of illegal parking on your property, you may need to make sure that you follow the ethics discussed below (as a property owner) before hiring the residential towing services.

Do You Have the Documented Authorization?

It is important for a property owner to maintain a file of documented authorization to share with a towing company or legal bodies if inquired. This is because the residential towing companies keep a record of each activity they perform under the request of property owners in a certain area. It also means that the property owner requesting the towing company for its services to move vehicles is doing so on his/her own responsibility. Documented authorization allows you to be upfront and maintain a clear record of towing history.

Are You Using Indications and Signage on Your Property?  

This question directly reflects what we have discussed earlier in the beginning. The frequent trend of illegal parking may be due to the absence of appropriate signage on your property. Vehicle owners often park wrongly because they do not find any signboards presenting any restrictions. Being a property owner, it falls under your responsibility to install proper signage around your property to minimize the illegal parking incidents. You can get the signage from relevant vendors and install them around your property. The signage can also be used for other possible false advantages of your private space that you want to avoid. Once you ensure the installation of appropriate signboards, you can request the services of a residential towing company to deal with illegal parking issues.

Do You Allow a Grace Period Time Window?

In some of the cases, people get caught in emergency situations where they need to rush to a hospital or may have special circumstances forcing them to park wrongly. However, if not sued by the property owner too soon, they move their vehicles as soon as they can. Regardless of the inconvenience, you may have to go through, it is always recommendable to be patient and allow a grace time of typically 24-48 hours before hiring the towing services. If after the grace period the vehicle is still not moved, it will be legal by all means for you to call the residential towing company and request them to move the vehicle.

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Written by Burt Dean

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