Things You Need to Teach Your Kids About Personal Hygiene

Teaching the little ones about anything as they grow is a challenging and an engaging process. The good part is that their brain is sharp enough to absorb new commands and then implement. Of all the habits that parents need to teach, personal hygiene for kids tops the chart. Especially, when the child enters the age of schooling. Inculcating healthy and hygienic habits in the kids from a young age is vital to ensure their health and safety.

Young children need to be taught essential habits such as accurate bathing techniques, when to wash hands, and how to brush teeth. By teaching these things to the kids and getting them in a routine will help develop these skills early. So, if you are planning a personal hygiene for kids’ session, you are at the right place. Here are five hygiene lessons that every kid needs to learn. Take a look!

Brush Time Cleaning Routine

With school starting, it makes it vital to teach your little one about brush time cleaning routine. Start brushing with your child and show them the steps of brushing. Brush with them for five days and then let them do it on their own. Proper brushing techniques include:

  • Placing the brush at 45-degree angle to the gums
  • Gently moving the brush back and forth
  • Brushing all the surfaces of the mouth adequately
  • Using a tongue cleaner
  • Brushing twice a day

Bath Time Cleaning Routine

To add consistency to your little one’s routine, teach them the basics of bathing. When the child is old enough to bathe on their own, you teach your child to do the following:

  • Wash the hair
  • Wash the face
  • Under the armpits
  • Under nails
  • Genital area and the bottom

You should also teach your kids how to cut fingernails and toenails to keep away from germs.

Hand Washing Steps

Kids have a habit of reaching out to anything and everything and touching it without any second thought. They do it with sheer innocence and without thinking about the adverse effects. You must teach your kids about proper hand hygiene and how to follow the hand washing steps. Teach your kids to wash hands after:

  • Encountering mud or anything dirty
  • Before and after eating food
  • Blowing nose and coughing
  • Every outdoor game session

By making your kids follow proper hand hygiene, you ensure that they are away from germs and don’t encounter any transmittable diseases.

Sleep Hygiene

In this digital age, it is vital to teach your little one proper sleep hygiene. From making your child follow a sleep routine to taking away technology at bedtime, you should do it all. Furthermore, you must also encourage your child not to sleep during odd hours and remain active during the day. You can also make a rule of using the bed only to relax or sleep and not for watching TV or doing the homework.

Clothes Hygiene

Apart from making your little ones understand the importance of regular bath, you must also teach them the importance of changing clothes every day. They must develop a habit of wearing neat and clean clothes everyday and changing them when dirty or wet.

Final Words!

As a parent, it is your job to teach the kids what is good and what is bad for them. Furthermore, they look up to you as a role model and try to copy everything that you do. So, be sure of following the things that you teach them to set up an example. For more personal hygiene tips for kids, you can head to any of the digital platforms like Momspresso. These platforms offer a plethora of knowledge about kids, mothers, beauty, and what not. Remember, as a parent; you should leave no stone unturned to make your kids a better human being.

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