I Sometimes Weep For My Country

By Usiju
* unedited

I write to you, because I know there are thousands of people out there who still care about the survival of the human race. My name is Usiju, I am from Musa, Askira – Uba, Adamawa State, Nigeria.
On July 6, 2015, some men drove in to our village, they were on army uniform and they were heavily armed with AK-47 and matchets.

They told us not to be afraid, that they only came to warned us. The man who was talking to us sat down and asked all Christian to come out from the crowd, we all move out to the front. He asked us to carry our Church to the bush and worship our God where they won’t see us, that if they come back in 2 weeks time, to meet the Church in our village that we will not be happy with ourselves. We thought they were joking, we ignored their warning and continue worshiping and serving our God.

Two weeks later, on Saturday evening by 3pm. We were all at home when we saw them again in a Church building that was beside our house. Two hilux with 10 motorcycle were packed outside the church, before we know what was going on, they killed the Pastor, burnt down the Church and advances toward our house, we had to escape into the bush. When we returned to the house after 5days in the bus, we realized that our Council Chairman was killed, about 7 churches were burnt and more than 56 people were killed, mostly men and youth.

We have been living in fear since that day, but we are surviving, anytime we hear rumours of their arrival we escaped to our second home which was inside the Bush.
But last night 10/2/17,they raided our village again, our house was burnt down, over 20 houses have been burnt down. As I’m sending this to you, I haven’t seen my parent, my brothers or any of my sister.
I’m so afraid, sometimes, I weep for my country.

How can we be living in fear in our own home?
This is the Country we find ourselves.

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