One picture can inspire a million smiles.

Across the street, life smiles at us, the car horns, the traffic jam, the early morning rush and the sun that is always starring at us. From our office, you can see people moving up and down like robots, some seems to move very fast, some in a slow motion, chatting, fighting and struggling to get to their destination.

The view from here is very unique, we have cross and enter a new story series produced by Humans of Akwa Ibom, off course the story of life wouldn’t be complete without the human side of it.

The dictionary and history book all lied when they tried to defined life to us, I can hear a click of the camera. Life is best defined by experience, the camera tried to warn me.

“Yes, I believe in experience” I responded as I adjusted to get a clearer view of the journey across the street. Then suddenly, a large crowd scrambled toward us, their legs were so angry that they made lots of noise , their voice were soaked with love that  their lips echoes millions of smiles inspiring the camera to respond with lots of clicks.

At Humans of Akwa Ibom as the lead documentary photographer, Akwaowo Otu will tell you, just one click can define life in many ways. In the eyes of a wheelbarrow pusher “life is in wheels and barrow, just have the will and you will enjoy life” In the eyes of a banker “life is in checks and balances, look before you leap, invest so that you can reap and enjoy life” In the life of a writer “life is everything you can ever imagine, every story waiting to be told, and every words that can be put together to make a good story.

“Pause” The camera stares back at the crowd, one click, one step, one story that was all it takes to inspire the crowd. I can still remember the song of some beggars who were part of the crowd “That’s my picture, that’s my story, that’s my life”
Then I moved into myself trying to make sense of everything we’ve been through. Life is not as we were told, life is an experience and the best definition is living it without any apologies.

Photo credits: Humans of Akwa Ibom

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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Voat Spy

Nice narration, life is different from what we were told, life means different things to many people

Xi Wang

It’s wonderful what we can achieve with our imagination, just a little thing can transform many things

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