4 Things to Know About Travel Insurance (2019)


1) What risks are covered?

Not every policy is the same, but generally, you can expect cover for

  • Medical costs in the event of an accident or health-related emergency
  • Flight Cancellations
  • Flight delays
  • Lost luggage
  • Damaged luggage
  • Loss of Cash or Travel Documents
  • Personal Liability

You may also see the cover for

  • Funeral Expenses
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Emergency Dental cover
  • Travel Delays
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Event Cancelation – e.g., concerts, sporting events, races, etc.

These are known as features, but what you are buying is a peace of mind.

2) Start Point

Most policies insist that you must travel from your home territory and that cover must commence before you depart.

This means that you can buy up to the point that you get on the plane, cruise ship, etc.

Again there are specialist policies that will allow you to buy after you have traveled. They will be more expensive, and they may have a moratorium period – e.g., you can’t claim for the first 48 hours after buying the policy

3) Short trips

If you pop over the border, e.g., from the UK to France, the USA to Canada or Mexico, or Hong Kong to Macau or China – then you should have travel insurance.

Things can go wrong even on a day trip and what do you do if you get hit by a bus over the border? You may not be able to get home for treatment.

This is where annual plans are great because you know you are always covered. There are some apps now that allow you to turn cover on and off for this kind of trip – but you have to remember to do it.

4) Start Cover Early         

Many people don’t realize that they should take travel insurance out at least a month before traveling. If you get sick or are unable to travel for genuine reasons, then the cost of the entire trip may be covered.

By leaving the insurance until the last possible moment, you permanently forgo this benefit. Typically you cannot buy travel insurance once you have boarded the plane, but there are exceptions…. which are expensive of course and come with an exclusion period so, for example, you may be unable to claim for the first X hours of cover.

This is to ensure that you don’t try to take cover for something that has already happened.

If you would like to read The most comprehensive article about Travel Insurance, with 31 bullets like these follow the link

Brad Emery Founded The Aimviva Travel Club in 2017 to make travel less hassle for regular travelers.

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