Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan tour is yet another dream of every tourist and world travelers. If you have ever traveled Pakistan, but you missed the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan then, you must give this post worth-attention.

The ultimate beauty of nature is the whole universe and Pakistan is yet one of the toppers in having natural beauty. The lush green mountains, eye-catching deserts, pure and crystal clear water lakes & glaciers, and the finest clean breeze – all is in Pakistan.

In this post, we’ve listed down 8 best places to visit in Pakistan with affordable tour package (visit links in descriptions). Let’s get down.


Sapat Beach

Sapat beach is located in Buji Koh and it’s one of the clean beach in the world. It is also known as Virgin beach of Pakistan. The water reflections, the poetry weather, and the breeze is wonderful.


Gwadar Port

Gwadar port is well-known for its awesome architecture and benefits for goods exchange via sea route. A lot of Gwadar view spots are designed to feel the natural sea beauty while enjoying the ultimate boat riding in fresh sea water.


Gorakh Hill Station

Gorakh hill station is one of the most recommended place to visit in Pakistan. It is also known as the ‘Murree of Sindh’ for its wonderful mountain view and weather. It is one of the most visited and liked place in Sindh. The sunset view is also mesmerizing.


Hunza Valley & Naran Kaghan

Hunza Valley and Naran Kaghan are top in the list of places to go in Pakistan. Both of these places covers the wonderful natural beauty of mountains with clean water lakes and lovely flowers. The shadow of mountains are so eye-catching that you feel it as a memorable dreamy scene. Surrounded by mountains, the fresh water lakes gives you shades of flower colors.


Hingol National Park

Hingol national park is another recommended place to go in Pakistan. The beauty of park is its architectural mountains that gives you a fall-back of unrealistic scenery in a movie but, it exists. It’s just a peaceful place with beautiful hills around you.


Moola Chotok

Moola Chotok is too beautiful for its colorful and smooth mountainous stones. The long cave paths are its just wonderful. The shades of sunlight and shadow of stones are both eye-catching views. As a whole, it gives you a view of another world within Pakistan.


Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is known for its mountainous lush green grass, trees, and plants in summer while the amazing snowfall in winter. The weather is so adorable that you hardly want to leave this place in summers and winters both.


Churna Island

Churna Island is just an amazing place to visit in Pakistan. Snorkeling in Churna island gives you a memorable life experience. Dive into the water and come back with so enjoyable moment that you wish to experience again. It’s love.


Princess of Hope

Princess of hope is a mixture of antique and modern place to go in Pakistan. The muddy hills are beautiful while the sculpture of a hopeful princess resides on top. You must add this place into your tour list.

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