Most Unbelievable Things You May Not Know About Fashion

It’s hard to believe that’s something we don’t know about fashion these days. It’s everywhere, and even the most fashion averse knows enough about it to keep themselves dressed. However, fashion has existed as long as we’ve been wearing clothes. Here’s some of the more interesting facts you may not have known about fashion.


Fast fashion is cheaper than ever

The price of clothing has decreased by 8.2% since 1992, and that number has been adjusted for inflation. In fact, the amount we spend on our clothes has decreased dramatically too. In 1950, that average American household spent 11% of their income on clothes. These days, it’s now at 3.8% We can thank the rise of fast fashion and cheaper clothing prices for this drop in the amount we spend.


Bras have a long and colourful history

The bra has come a long way from its first incarnations. The patent for the modern bra belonged to socialite Mary Phelps in 1914. The version she made, though, was made of handkerchiefs. The most unusual place you could buy bras? Well, that would be Disneyland, in 1955. There was a store on the park’s famous Main Street USA called Hollywood-Maxwell Intimate Apparel, that even had an animatronic ‘Wizard of Bras’. It was removed from Main Street shortly after the launch of the park.

The most unbelievable fact though? That up to 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.


The secrets of Fashion Week

Fashion Week is a hallowed time in any fashion fan’s calendar, but you’d be amazed to learn that the average show only lasts 15 minutes maximum. In fact, you could fit the whole week’s worth of shows in one day, if you were determined.


Swimwear has always been scandalous

Women’s swimwear has always been a point of contention with the more prudish people on the beach. The bikini was so named by its inventor, Louis Reard, because he wanted it to create as much as a shock as the bombs tested at Bikini Atoll did.  A fashion magazine writer and head writer for OriginWritings and 1Day2Write, Lucas Brunton comments: “In fact, Reard said that if you couldn’t pull the fabric through a wedding ring, it wasn’t really a bikini.”

Swimsuits and bikinis have had a less than stellar reputation at the beach. In 1907, a woman was arrested in Boston for wearing a form fitting one piece suit. The Quakers devised a ‘bathing machine’ with a ‘modesty tunnel’ so women could enter the sea without being seen by the rest of the beach bunnies.


There’s multiple versions of your favourite movie outfits

When an important outfit or prop has to made for a film production, there’s actually multiples created. That’s so even if one copy breaks or falls apart, there’s another ready to go. Princess Leia’s famous metal bikini actually came in two materials, metal and rubber. The rubber suit was used when Carrie Fisher was in action scenes, so she could move unhindered by her outfit.

There are also multiple versions of Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard Of Oz. “Some are currently on display in the Smithsonian, and one pair was even given away as a prize. There’s one pair, though, that’s been unaccounted for since 2005 when they were stolen. Who knows where they are now?”, – says Paul Kuhn, a Fashion blogger at WriteMYX and Academic Brits.

Fashion certainly has had an interesting and varied past. Did you know any of these facts? Can you pull your bikini through a wedding ring, or know where Dorothy’s slippers are now? Maybe you can wow your friends with these facts and become a fashion oracle.

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Written by Sherie Raymond

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