5 Reasons Why Transcription Services Is the Good Choice For Private Detectives

Private investigator and insurance industries often go hand-in-hand, and individuals who are required to take several witness statements, dictate summary reports and edit reports can benefit from transcription services in the following ways:

  1. Accuracy – Attention can be distracted from recordings if there are disruptions, but a professional can guarantee the utmost accuracy.
  2. Client Confidentiality – Court surveillance recordings and witness statements could fall into the wrong hands. When a private detective uses transcription services, he/she can feel confident that data is always protected.
  3. Time-Saving – It could take private investigator days or weeks to transcribe interviews, but with transcription services, they can spend time more productively.
  4. Court-Ready Documents – Evidence must be presented in court cases, and a PI can use transcription services to provide the courts with a court-ready audio recording transcription.
  5. Unnecessary Content – Intelligent and verbatim are the two main types of transcription services. Coughs, sniffs, mumbles and other unnecessary content can be eliminated with transcription of this kind.

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Written by GMR Transcription Services, Inc

GMR Transcription was founded in 2004 to provide cost-effective yet accurate transcription and translation services to academic, business, legal, and media clients along with proofreading, and editing service.

We pride ourselves as the best transcription and translation service provider in the United States when it comes to accuracy, pricing, and customer service. Our dedicated and experienced team handles your jobs with the utmost professional care. Our primary goal is to provide a professional service to our valuable customers at affordable rates.

We at GMR Transcription have established our reputation through transparency, quality control, affordability and customer service. Our mission is to provide uncompromising quality services to our clients on rates within their budget, and a quick turnaround time.

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