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Dear Donald Trump, we maybe from shit-holes, but we are not assholes

Dear President Donald Trump,



                    We maybe from shit-holes, but we are not assholes


I don’t know if to be disappointed or not by your remark describing people from Africa as from shit-hole countries.  I will not pretend to be disappointed by this because just some weeks back, you have said Nigerians in America refused to return to ‘their huts.’



However, this your obession in describing Africans as ancient and outdated people is fastly decorating you as a crowned ass-hole before the whole world. And I know, if you ever get sober from your ego-full self, you will really be ashamed of these statements.


I read that you had a very wonderful and noble father. Who worked hard and made lots of wealth. These wealth he left behind for you as an inheritance. I will expect that as someone from such a background, you would have been through school, get some education and understand the world around you. But no,  you choose to remain uninformed, that even a basic student from shit-hole Africa shows more understanding of the world more than you have shown by your statements


Before I educate you, let me massage your ego a bit and I hope you will masturbate your pride as you read the next few lines.


You are right. Africa is full of shit holes because we have enough to eat and when you eat, you have to excrete.  I hope you understand metabolism and excretion. As people who eat healthy, we need shit-holes to pass out the waste.


And oh yes, Africa is so ancient. Do you know what? We live in caves.  There is no TV in Africa and no civilization. I have to climb on top of a mountain so I can access the internet and post this respond online.  Since there is no TV, everyone has to gather at the village square to listen to the radio and that is how I heard what you said. We have just one radio player per community of 10, 000 people


Every night we sleep in the caves. When we are too tired of the caves we come out and lay down on the jungle, put our head on the rock as pillow. And since we have no electricty, we have to light firewood at night so we can see.


Some times while sleeping at night in our jungles, the lion come out to chase and we run, climb on trees and sleep till morning. We cannot even afford to build a hut. Except for our rich politicians and richest men who are mostly farmers and hunters. They are lucky enough to build huts and afford a lantern!


Some times when we have no food, we eat grass. Man, some of them can be delicious you know.


Oh! What a shame!


Now that I have massaged your ego, I hope you will be happy to read through.


Do you know that mathermatics orignated from Africa? I bet when you make mathematical projections, you have no idea it came from the shit-hole. “More than 35,000 years ago, Egyptians scripted textbooks about math that included division and multiplication of fractions and geometric formulas to calculate the area and volume of shapes (3). Distances and angles were calculated, algebraic equations were solved and mathematically based predictions were made of the size of floods of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians considered a circle to have 360 degrees and estimated Π at 3.16 “ – asbmb.org


Now think of many inventions and advancement that has come based on matheticmatics and you can understand all this is possible because of an ‘idea immigration from the shit-hole’


I know you love party and glmaour but do you know that most of the music you listen to originated from Africa? Blues, jazz and rock and roll?


What of Astronomy? What of medicine? “Many treatments we use today were employed by several ancient peoples throughout Africa. Before the European invasion of Africa, medicine in what is now Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, to name just a few places, was more advanced than medicine in Europe. Some of these practices were the use of plants with salicylic acid for pain (as in aspirin), kaolin for diarrhea (as in Kaopectate), and extracts that were confirmed in the 20th century to kill Gram positive bacteria . Other plants used had anticancer properties, caused abortion and treated malaria — and these have been shown to be as effective as many modern-day Western treatments. Furthermore, Africans discovered ouabain, capsicum, physostigmine and reserpine. Medical procedures performed in ancient Africa before they were performed in Europe include vaccination, autopsy, limb traction and broken bone setting, bullet removal, brain surgery, skin grafting, filling of dental cavities, installation of false teeth, what is now known as Caesarean section, anesthesia and tissue cauterization . In addition, African cultures preformed surgeries under antiseptic conditions universally when this concept was only emerging in Europe “ – asbmb.org


Can we talk about Modern act?  “Africa’s contemporary artists are having a bit of moment, but the world still largely ignores the continent’s role in inspiring celebrated artists such as Picasso, Matisse or Kirchner. In the early 1900s the aesthetics of traditional African sculpture became what the Met Museum in New York describes as “a powerful influence among European artists who formed an avant-garde in the development of modern art”.” – Guardian


The list is too long and I know you are busy. Since you love twitter, you may also try Google.com, yahoo.com or bing.com. It will help you dicover and learn more about Africa and its contibution to the modern world. Google will help you more Mr. president.


Let me quickly tell you Mr. president that for many decades, African slaves fed America. They were behind agriculture revolutions working day and night to provide food for America. The keep the farm going and their sweat contibuted a whole lot.  You may love to read this https://sites.google.com/a/uconn.edu/jak13016/


I really don’t know why you have displayed so much hatred towards Africa but I will not call you a racist because I do not know you personally. All you get from Africans is love.


Do you know that Africans, especially Nigerians who I have meet have great regards for you? I get on social media and see how they are optimistic and pray for you every day, and I used to be one of them but all you ever have to say is bad things about us. No reagrds, no love. It saddens me.


I hope that you can  change your views that is painted with hate and prejuidice. Because you have been placed in a very important position. A good leader willl not bring enemies and riddicle to its people but will bring praise and goodwill.


I want you to succeed because you are the president of America. America as it is, is very important. The world needs America just like America needs the world. We can say America is the capital of the world and that means every part of the world hopes and wishes America well,  including me.


I hope you are not mad at me, just as you are standing up for America, I am standing up for Africa.

America-Africa friendship and relationship will continue beyond your administration. Like every place in the world, Africa is making its own contribution, through it’s people, it’s intelltualist and it’s natural resources to make the world a bettter place.


Africa and Africans are ver important to the world. We demand your respect.


May Africa prosper

May America prosper

God bless Africa

God bless America



From an African


Mfon Abel Ekene







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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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Voat Spy

I am disappointed with Trump. He speaks like a lunatic, but it’s so sad that I love him so much, I still prefer him to Hilarious Hillary

Voat Spy

Sorry if it’s hurts, I know he didn’t mean it…

No to Trump
No to Trump

I don’t know why we Americans voted for this lunatic, I can’t wait for the next election, we need to vote him out


Don’t believe what he says, he is confused most of the time, believe me

Content Editor

President Donald Trump on Friday denied describing certain nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting in which he rejected a bipartisan deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

He also denied demanding that Haitians be removed from negotiations about protected status for people from certain countries.

“The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made – a big setback for DACA!” Trump tweeted.

Funny Tom

Don’t believe most of the rumors you hear from mainstream media, there are not true

The Sport guy

you need to talk with Trump, he is a nice man, don’t be fooled by mainstream media… he may not like Africans but he sure doesnot hate them

suckme nigger
suckme nigger

ahahahahahahaha fucking niggers. WE WAZ KANGZ!!!!!! GTFO! Sub human scum like you are not wanted!

I am the shithole
I am the shithole

Thank you for accepting that you are a shit-hole, try and do something about it, stop yelling at Donald Trump, lest we fish you out

Venus P
Venus P

Africa is. Shit-hole, Trump is an asshole, the World is fucked..who cares anymore

M Chris
M Chris

Let it be known that Trump is not speaking for all Americans, he maybe the President of the United States but he is not my president, his days are numbered

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