How Accurate are Horoscope Predictions?

For some people, reading daily horoscope is a morning ritual they just can’t miss, others find it entertaining. And then there are a few who read it and keep it in their back pocket, just so they can check if it turned true at the end of the day. Regardless of the kind of person you are, the thought of Horoscope being accurate must have crossed your mind at least once.

There are all kinds of scientific proofs, mysticism, and legends that prove how Astrology and Horoscope are accurate but then there is contemporary and more modern sort of approach that completely disregards anything like horoscope, let alone accuracy. So let’s find out whether Horoscope is actually accurate or not.

What is Horoscope?

Literally, it translates into looking at the stars, but in reality, it is a science that deals with life predictions based on planetary positions and dynamic retrogrades. Now, you know there are different planets and stars in the sky which keep on moving, and as per Astrology, these cosmic bodies influence various aspects of human life quite tremendously, which brings us to the next question.

The history of Astrology dates back to thousands of years ago, and surprisingly, not many people know but it all came into existence around the same time when the mankind discovered the science of Astronomy. Eventually, with advancement in the field of science and equipment, it became easier for philosophers to scribble down their ideas onto paper and observe the movement of planets more closely and accurately. Literature made it even easier for astrologers to pass on their observations and scientific data to next generations for a more meticulous research.

Mythology has always had a great influence over science, and Astrology was no exception. Indians and Greeks made some substantial progress in that respect and to get their ideas publicly acknowledged, they denoted each planet with a mythological character; which later came to known as gods. Each governing a particular life aspect. But little did they know that it was probably the most instrumental step they would have possibly taken to make Astrology and Horoscope reach such colossal stature.

‘Nergel,’ ‘Ninurta,’ and ‘Marduk’ are some of the most primitive names used to describe planets like Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. All these planets affected human life exactly how ancient philosophers had suggested. Modern equipment made it easier to trace the movements of these bodies over unbelievable spans of time through future and past, thus giving rise to the modern day Astrology as we know today. But you must be wondering how is that information relevant to the question – how accurate is horoscope? For that let’s move on to the last and most important section.

How True are Horoscope Prediction?

Over the years, Astrology has developed into a full-fledged scientific study from being a mere idea. This is mainly because of the undying efforts of great visionaries to explore more and more about the intricacies of this discipline. All of this led to the introduction of the birth chart and the planetary mapping, also known as houses. This practice was dead accurate because it successfully showed how real-life events were connected to the cosmic movements of stars and other planetary bodies. And this why horoscope predictions are always right, because they are based on age-old techniques that have proven their worth time and time again.


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