The 7 most common social media marketing mistakes made on Facebook

If you do a quick search for the largest display ad networks, you will see Google and Facebook ranked right at top! Facebook currently holds the title of largest active monthly user database, which makes it the most sought after platform for social media marketing.


So it makes sense for people that want to get their message across to the rest of the world, to employ Facebook as their go to platform for advertising. Join me as I take a look at the 7 most common social media marketing mistakes people make on Facebook.


  1. Ad Formats
    Every display network has its own set of rules and format guidelines, which must be strictly adhered to. With the recent crackdown on fake news, social media marketing companies such as Facebook have cut down on unethical and amateur ad campaigns. If you don’t follow the exact FB guidelines, you might as well kiss those dreams of social media marketing on FB, goodbye!
  2. Goals & Target
    Don’t just advertise for the sake of advertising. Identify a target audience you wish to reach, then create a specific set of goals you want to achieve. Be it number of leads, visits or click through rate, don’t go in blind! You need to track some form of performance metric, to measure results and performance and modify campaigns as needed.
  3. Ad Sets
    Every ad campaign can be divided into sub parts or ad sets, which are set up to target a nation wide audience. This can help you create multilingual ads, and ads that run at different times of the day. A recommended number of ad sets per campaign is not more than 5!
  4. Get rid of text
    There is a reason why the ads you see on Facebook contain the bare minimum of text. Text heavy ads are very unattractive and are most often ignored by users. Facebook in doesn’t allow you to keep ads that are very text heavy either!
  5. Optimization
    Images must be optimized for Facebook before being used in your ad campaign. Imagine looking at an ad that is cut in half when viewed on your mobile. Such errors are fatal for an ad campaign!
  6. Draw Focus
    A call to action is a fundamental aspect of any social media marketing campaign. It is the final word, and informs visitors on how to proceed if they are interested in your product. A call to action can lead visitors to a website, app download link or directly to a product page and turn them into customers. But to do so, visitors must first be led towards the call to action. While it is commonly ignored, ads must use wording and design that draws focus towards the call to action.
  7. Don’t overdo it!
    You may have an unlimited budget, but people don’t want to see your ads pop up over and over again on their feeds! Such aggressive advertising practices can do more harm than good. It could result in users blocking your ad or even reporting it as spam!



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