Benefits of Content Marketing

Brand Awareness: Content Marketinguses various products like Videos, Social Media Content extra to create Brand awareness. Content of your business should be optimized regularly in order to have new customers. The main three pillar of brand awareness is Know, like and Trust and this can be achieved only with Content Marketing.

Quality Traffic: The beauty of content marketing is it nature of driving immense inbound traffic. Content Marketing helps you to drive large number of inbound traffic. Constant update helps to get quality traffic. It also helps to increase consumer engagement by providing good content. The companies who posts 16+ posts per month drives 3 times more traffic than those who posts only 4 blogs a month. Sharing and promoting your content can take your traffic to the next level.

Increases Organic search Result: The Key to measure Content Marketing is organic traffic. Content Marketing works as a booster to SEO’s linking building. Good quality content with decent length can increase visibility in google search results.

Increase in Sales: Apart from attracting customers, content also helps in closing the deals. Nowadays people prefer to buy a product after watching the video of it. Many potential customers trust the online review same as personal recommendation.

Positioning your brand as the thought-leader: A huge benifit of using content marketing is that it strengthens your thought leadership, making you an industry trusted expert. Educating, inspiring and engaging users with useful and relevant content can raise your rank because the thought leader. Addressing FAQs’ and common problems provides the users a reason to keep pursuing your social media pages and websites.

Increasing client engagement: Content marketing increases client engagement with targeted audience. Visitors are likely to convert when they find the answer for the problem they were looking for. You can increase client engagement by providing detailed content. Delight your client to the point of wanting to promote your business to their network – sending referrals to your way.

Boosting organic search results: Organic traffic is a key to measure the success of content marketing. It acts as a supplement to SEO’s link building efforts. Keeping content inside a secure vary of 700-1000 words increases the chance of visibility in Google search results. Too little or too lengthy content is not indexed by Google. Moreover, there’s a chance that a reader can lose interest in your content.

Promoting sales: except from attracting new visitors and prospects, content also helps in closing buyers and converting them to loyal fans. 64% of the customer are likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. Also, when making a buying decision, a whopping 88% of the clients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

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