5 Interesting Facts About Cardboard Boxes You Should Know

Packing is considered as a make or breaks situation for the success of any company or organization.it is because the first and the foremost thing any customer observes while making a purchase is the way in which the given item is packed and presented. If the products are not packed in safe and sound containers, then it would create doubts in the minds of the customers regarding the originality of the item. Most of the brands are employing cardboard boxes for the covering of various types of materials. It is one of the most frequently utilized containers all across the world and is used in the packing of the items belonging to almost all the industries, including food products, cosmetic items, jewelry, etc. The exceptional strength and sturdy nature of the forming material make them the preferred choice for a vast and diverse range of items.


They are thicker as compared to most of the other substances due to the presence of a number of different layers. This thickness enables them to withstand a wide range of temperature and pressure. That is why these containers are utilized in the delivery of various items at short as well as long distances. They are extremely affordable in price and are provided by a number of manufacturing firms or organizations. There are certain interesting facts about these encasements that are discussed as follows.

Result of an Accident:


It is a historically proven fact that the containers made up of cardboard were used during the old and ancient days of China. In fact, the Chinese were the first to manufacture them along with the paper. They obtain it by cutting specific trees and then modifying them to get a sheet of cardboard. But the containers that are used these days are not the same. It would be interesting to know that the present form of these encasements is a result of an accident. In 1979, there was a mishap in a manufacturing factory in New York. There was an error in the automated machinery that resulted in the slicing of paper sacks rather than wrinkling them. Apparently, it caused a loss of almost twenty thousand paper sacks. But the manufacturing company decided to put them in proper alternative use rather than discarding them. They made a folding box layout or template and transformed them into the required containers. Hence, the containers that have changed the face of packaging in this world are the result of an accident.

Easily Modifiable:


Although the cardboard encasements are extremely strong and sturdy, still they can be modified into the required shapes and sizes in order to make them compatible according to the types of products that are going to be placed in them. Similarly, various designs and styles can also be executed to make them look unique and exceptional to the observers. For example, they can be modified in the form of a die-cut encasement by adding a window or a small transparent portion. This and many other styles are pivotal in enhancing the display value or shelf value of the items to a great extent. Similarly, they can also be altered in such a way that they become a tool for the promotion of the brand or organization. It is done by writing the name of the company in classy font style and prominent font size with the help of the latest printing technologies. These custom printed cardboard boxes have revolutionized the field of packaging, and the sales of the company are enhanced manifold by using these encasements.



If we look at the extraordinary characteristics and exceptional features of the containers made up of cardboard, it might seem that they are expensive it price. But this is an utter misconception. These containers are extremely affordable by the retailers as well as by the customers. They are so extensively used that they are required in the form of bulk. This demand is met by a number of manufacturing firms or organizations operating in the markets. Various manufacturers have also established online stores that conserve a lot of time and effort on the part of the clients as they can obtain the required encasements by ordering them from their homes or offices.

Unique Uses:


The cardboard coverings are available in numerous forms and can be prepared according to the will and desire of the clients to make them appropriate for any purpose or use. These custom cardboard boxes are conventionally used in the safe packing and elegant presentation of the items. But they can also be put to unique and creative uses. For example, they can be utilized to make furniture like tables, chairs, stools, etc. They can also be used in the formation of shelters for homeless people. In the United States of America, these containers are considered as a symbol of homelessness due to this phenomenon. Similarly, they can also be utilized in the shipping of items to distant and far off places and expand the scope and range of the operations of the business.

Environment-Friendly Packaging Solution:

It is not a hidden secret that our environment is at the brink of collapse due to the alarming level of pollution in the surroundings. This role of social responsibility in conserving the environment from further deterioration can be played with the help of the cardboard coverings. They possess no harm or threat to nature as they are biodegradable. Other than that, they can also be recycled into several other materials that prevent users from throwing them away. That is why their use is regarded as an environment-friendly packaging solution.

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