6 Ways the Boating Industry is Completely Taking Over

The actual context of the sharing economy has changed completely various sectors, coming with incredible trends in the years ahead. If we think of the sharing economy’s principles, it is guided by the idea of concluding short-term contracts for sharing goods or services. When it comes to the boating industry, despite being considered a luxury some years ago, it will be facing an incredible rise in the following years. The world’s billionaires have switched their preferences for money investment and are no longer so eager to buy imposing yachts and sailing boats. For instance, you will see how the wealthy people from Miami or Florida are choosing boat sharing instead of blocking their money and buy a boat with the idea of using it for the rest of their lives. Boat renting is no longer a service offered by a limited number of companies. Now, if you are looking to build incredible memories on the water experience, you will only need some clicks and a phone call, and you are ready to go. Keep reading this article and discover why and how the boating industry is completely taking over.

6 Ways the Boating Industry Is Completely Taking Over in Sharing Economy

  1. Boat sharing is slowly but surely replacing boat buying

One of the biggest trends appearing on the water experience is the incredible increase in popularity of boat sharing. If you have spent your year so far looking for the most important things to bring on your summer experience on the boat, then you are at one click distance to make your dream come true. You don’t need a generous bank account to be able to spend each summer on a boat and discover the world. You can get in contact with a specialized company and rent a boat for one week or three months. On the other hand, if you are the owner of a boat, you can monetize it and recover your investment by sharing with other interested tourists during certain periods of the year. All you need to do is prepare it for boat sharing and cooperate with a company offering this type of service. The sharing economy trends show that people are no longer so open to invest in buying a boat and use it just a couple of months per year. If you are the type of person who wants to explore the world and enjoy freedom, then sharing a boat is more convenient than buying one. If you think from the investor’s point of view, then you can also benefit from these trends. Once you follow the rules to buy the right boat for you, then you can go to the next step on the water experience and see how boat sharing works for you and what profits it can bring.

  1. Educational programs on sailing and fishing

The trends in the boating industry have brought a new subject of education for trainers. As people are more preoccupied with creating memories on the water experience and they are more open to boat sharing, then trainers are ready to teach them how to do so. For example, do you know which is the difference between renting a sailboat and a motorboat? Or, do you know what are the safety measures to take into consideration when renting a boat? All these questions that needed answers opened a new niche for educators who are more than happy to offer advice and guidance to those interested in sailing. Apart from sailing, fishing is also a subject which goes very well with the experience of boat sharing.

  1. Technology is changing the trends on the water experience

Technology is present in all aspects of today’s sharing economy. Thus, if we think of the boating industry, technology is definitely making its presence noticeable here too. Boats are becoming more digital and manufacturers are adding new features to their boats to make sailors’ lives easier. For example, you will see that more boats are having digital dashboards that help consumers monitor and handle their boats with less difficulty. Therefore, if you are ready to go on the water experience, then you have all the reasons to think that you will enjoy every minute. All the added technology diminishes the risks of accidents, giving travelers more confidence in this type of tourism and attracting them even more to try this amazing adventure.

  1. GPS Technology follows the trends of sharing economy

As people are adventuring to discover new places and islands in different territories, it became a must to include tracking devices on the majority of boats. For safety reasons, boat manufacturers decided that it is important to identify their boats’ position and direction from the land. Thanks to technology, producers are able to include various systems of communication and lower the risk of having people lost at sea. When you are sailing on a boat, it is very important to know that you have the right tools to communicate with people on the land and ask for help if something unexpected happens. The boating industry’s excellent progress is making all these possible and even more than that.

  1. Smartphone adaptations are becoming part of the norm

Now, when everyone’s hand is almost glued to their smartphones, how would a sailing experience look if not connected to a traveler’s mobile? Boats can be quickly transformed in smart homes and all its technological devices can be accessed from the smartphone. Once you go on the boat, all you need to do is install an application and you will see all the boat’s devices connected to your phone. Thus, you will simplify your boat experience when you don’t have to worry about activating or deactivating certain onboard devices manually. With a simple click, you will be able to manage all the technology on your boat.

6. The Growth of online presence 

Last but not least, the boat dealers are now taking over the digital marketing strategies in order to boost their online presence. Actually,  no business is able to keep afloat without developing the proper set of marketing activities. Thus, content writing is of particular value for all the spheres and the boating industry is not an exception. Luckily, there´s plenty of effective writing tools and services like Trust My Paper or WowGrade to create a spotless content for

Wrapping Up

The boating industry will change a lot in the following years. Technology is the main driver for this improvement. Boat manufacturers will continue to keep up the pace with the market’s trends and invest in making their products safer and easier to handle. They will launch various applications that will show the traveler’s everything that is going on the boat and help him manage all the devices with some simple clicks. Moreover, by adding tracking systems and communication devices, boat producers are changing the face of the boating industry. In addition, boat sharing is becoming the newest trend, helping boat owners recovering their money faster, while also having fun.

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