8 Creative Wedding Dress Style Ideas for Your Big Day

Exploring different wedding dress styles and finding your dream wedding dress can be one of the most anticipated moments of your entire wedding planning process.

During your bridal appointment, one of the first questions you will be asked is what kind of style you’re looking for. You may have an idea of how you want your dress to watch, such as traditional, fitted, or flowy. You may know the feeling you are after, but understanding how to describe your dream wedding gown will come in handy while you work with your stylist to find that perfect dress.

If you’re searching for a wedding dress but don’t know where to start, you don’t have to worry anymore! In this roundup of the trendy event venue and private party venue and creative wedding dress styles, you’ll find everything from ballroom gowns to wedding jumpsuits. Let’s dive in!

So let’s begin.

1. Robe-Inspired Wedding Dresses

Robes are more than just an article of clothing that’s worn while getting dressed. Bridal designers are finding inspiration in the cut and comfort of luxury robes. This look is quickly gaining popularity among wedding dress varieties. Robe-inspired silhouettes that feature a wrap style, slits, and long sleeves are trending, and so are duster-style robes. They look chic and, at the same time, are super comfortable.

2. The Classic Ball Gown

If you want to create your fairy tale moment on your wedding day, this traditional wedding dress style is for you. Ball gowns provide the ultimate classical bridal look and instantly give you the Cinderella feeling on your big day. This style features a fitted bodice or corset paired with a large, full skirt made using layers of tulle or crinolines.

The ball gown wedding dress silhouette is adaptable to most body types and height, but it looks best on shapely brides who want to cinch in their waist. In case you have a straight athletic frame, a fuller skirt will give the illusion of more full hips. However, a small and petite frame may be overpowered by a full skirt like this.

3. Geometric Lace Wedding Dresses

Although lace has always been in style, those featuring geometric patterns are making a surge in popularity among wedding dress styles. These contain lots of shaped, repeated lines and angular elements. When combined with feminine, curve-hugging styles, this fabric adds an edge and looks both elegant and modern.

4. Sheath Wedding Dresses

Also known as the column dress, this wedding dress style skims the body and falls straight to the floor. It’s perfect for brides who want to quickly move around on their wedding dress as it requires much less fabric than other silhouettes and makes for an effortless gown.

Even though the dress takes up less space than other styles, you will have the freedom to play with any fabric such as satin, beading, lace, and even crepe. You can also combine the cut with a geometric lace pattern and create a style statement of your own.

Sheath wedding dresses look great on slim and petite figures for brides who don’t want to look overpowered by their gowns. Spaghetti straps and V-necklines can give this silhouette an even more dramatic look. You can spruce it up with jewellery embellishments or keep it simple for a minimalistic look.

5. A-line Wedding Dresses

This is a universally flattering style that goes well with all kinds of wedding themes, whether you’re going for a beachy, bohemian or classic wedding.

If you’re looking for a middle ground between a ball gown and a sheath wedding dress, you should go for an A-line dress. It flares out from the waist more than a sheath dress but not as dramatically as the ball gown. The silhouette accentuates the narrowest portion of your size and flows outward, creating the shape of an A. It presents well on most body types and feature fabrics like organza, tulle or lace.

6. Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Fit and flare dresses are ideal for hourglass-shaped figures. The mermaid style belongs to this category. They are fitted down to just above your knees, hugging the curves of your body and then flaring. This attention-grabbing, flirtatious style is often combined with ruffled skirts for an added wow factor.

Another variation to this style is the fishtail wedding dress, featuring a long train that follows the bride as she walks down the aisle. An embellished satin fishtail dress can give you a dreamy look on your wedding day.

7. Wedding Jumpsuits

Bridal jumpsuits are a modern take on the conventional wedding gown. For brides who think that wearing a dress just doesn’t suit their personality and style, jumpsuits offer a perfect alternative. Even the classic wedding designers are now on board with this emerging bridal trend and coming up with designs that can match nearly all body types.

A jumpsuit paired with an overskirt is another hot favorite wedding attire trend for brides who can’t decide between formal trousers and a skirt. It will help you create a totally unique wedding day look. You can dress it up with ruffles, feathers, and more!

8. Wedding Dresses with Poncho Capes

This year has seen many statement wedding dresses paired with elegant tulle or lace capes to cover the shoulders and complete the bride’s look. This is why this gorgeous accessory is becoming a bridal staple.

Beautifully crafted ponchos made using delicate fabrics such as nets and organza can slip over different wedding dress styles to create a fashion-forward look. Whether you’re wearing an A-line gown or mermaid silhouette, style it with a poncho cape and look even more distinctive.

This wraps up our list of the best wedding dress styles. In the end, it’s all about finding the fabric and silhouette that best fits your body shape, matched with design elements that highlight your personal style and comfort.

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Written by Amanda McPhail

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