9 Best Google Ads Tips for Improved Franchise Business Results

  1. Focus on Your Goal

As an advertiser, you may be looking at a lot of other ads, but remember not to lose focus on what you are trying to do with your Google ads. Match your business goals with website visitor intent, in order to drive more clicks and better results.

  1. Make It Personal

Using words like “you”, “your”, etc. work may work better in your Google ad content than text that doesn’t involve any personalization.

Avoid ad copy centered on your franchise business like “our”, “us”, “we”, etc.

  1. Design Local Google Ads

With Google ads, try local targeting with no more than one city or location. It is important to target potential customers who are around the local store.

  1. Remove Duplicate Keywords

This is one of the common mistakes advertisers make when creating ad campaigns.

If you miss out on removing duplicate keywords, then not only will you be wasting your ad budget, later this can also come in your way when tracking Google ads results.

  1. Optimize for Negative Keywords

Forgetting to filter negative keywords can result in a lot of unwanted clicks and budget leakages. Optimize Google ads for negative keywords and save your budget for productive clicks.

  1. Bid on Your Competitors’ Names

With Google ads, you can bid on your competitors’ names. Bidding on your competitors empowers you to reach out to more potential clients..

  1. Monitor Your Google Ads’ Performance

Once you set up your Google ads and it is up and running, the next step for your franchise business is to monitor the ads daily. Look at trends and optimize ads for better results.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Landing Pages

Along with your Google ads, you also need to focus on landing pages where your potential customers will reach next. Keep the landing page copy short, compelling, and centered on getting your visitors to take action.

  1. Leverage Remarketing

Remarketing is an effective tool for franchises since it targets prospects who have already visited your website.

With remarketing, you can reach them again and try to convert them.

For more Google ads tips for improved franchise business results, Contact Us.

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