9 Tips to Fuel Your Guests with a Delicious Corporate Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but have you ever wondered why? First of all, eating breakfast will supply your body with all the nutrients it needs after several hours of sleep. This will instantly boost your energy levels and lift your spirits up. This way, instead of feeling grumpy and sleepy in the morning, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge.

Secondly, breakfast is responsible for starting your metabolism system and making it work well the entire day. When you have breakfast first thing in the morning, your brain will send signals to your metabolism to start digesting the food. As a result, your metabolism will work efficiently all day and burn more calories throughout the day.

Breakfast Tips

Now, we know that breakfast is crucial for lifting our spirits up and refueling our bodies with the energy to start a productive day. This means we have to pay even more attention to what we put on the menu for a breakfast event.

We suggest you choose a corporate catering menu in San Diego, CA that will provide a menu that is versatile and will cater to everyone’s needs. This way, there will be plenty of variety to choose from and everyone will happily enjoy a healthy meal. Follow the simple tips discussed below to help you decide the menu.

Variety of Juices

Many people like to start their day with a glass of healthy juice to energize them. This is why you should make sure your corporate breakfast catering offers at least 3 different types of juice to cater to everyone’s preferences. Go with the old standbys like apple, orange, and tomato, or try an exotic blend like mango/pineapple.

Caffeine Intake

Some people may skip breakfast to avoid nausea in the morning, however, they can never open their eyes properly without a caffeine rush. This is why it is important that you keep hot drinks on the menu. Coffee, tea, and decaffeinated coffee are all absolute must-haves on your breakfast menu.

Breakfast Bagels

A bagel is the perfect savory dish to have for breakfast. It is a filling self-contained meal that will satisfy everyone’s appetite while overwhelming their taste buds. There are a variety of flavors in bagels to choose from. You can add bacon and egg bagel on the menu for the meat-lovers and a vegetarian breakfast bagel for others.


If you’re looking to add something fancy on your corporate breakfast menu then croissants are the ultimate answer. Fluffy croissants are a perfect light snack to have with your coffee first thing in the morning. The mini variety also proves to be a lighter alternative when compared to heavy bagels.

This way, the guests who like to eat lighter snacks in the morning will also have something delicious to munch on. Croissants also come in many different flavors. You can go for a plain croissant with no filling to keep things light or go all out with a robust ham and cheese croissant.

Fruit Skewers

Fresh fruit skewers are a great option for those who want to start their day on a healthy note. Eating energizing fruits for breakfast is refreshing and also healthy. Furthermore, natural fruits are free from all food allergens. This means fruit skewers are a dish everyone will enjoy irrespective of their specific dietary requirements.

You can pair these up with yogurt and honey as dips to make it a bit more exciting. This dish is highly rich in nutrients so it will be appealing for everyone who is health-conscious.

Live Breakfast Station for Eggs

Let’s face it – we all like to eat our eggs differently. Some people like sunny-side up, some want a simple poached egg, and some may even request an omelet. It can get difficult to have enough quantity of all the different types of eggs at all times to cater to everyone. If you make too many, then you end up with leftovers, and eggs are always best when served immediately.

This way all the guests can ask for their eggs to be made according to their own likes and dislikes. They also get to eat freshly made eggs right off the pa, which is always appetizing for everyone.

Pancakes and Waffles

Nobody can deny the delicious taste of maple syrup on golden pancakes. It’s a perfectly sweet way to begin your day. We suggest you add the option of freshly baked waffles and pancakes to the live breakfast station. You’ll be surprised to see how the alluring smell of freshly baked goodness attracts all your guests to the station.

Assorted Cereals and Dry Fruit

While many people wake up hungry and anticipate the indulgence of an early morning feast, some people prefer to keep it simple. This is why we suggest you add a section of assorted cereals and dry fruit for people who want to have a basic breakfast. You can also add oats and granola cereals to give people healthier options to choose from.

Smoothie Station

If you want to take one step further and provide your guests with a custom breakfast menu item they won’t forget, then you can also add a smoothie station to your event.

This smoothie station will display various different fruits that an attendant will use to make a fresh smoothie for every guest. The guests will have full liberty to choose between the fruits, type of milk, and the type of sugar the attendant uses to make a smoothie as per their choice.

Last Few Words

We all know there’s nothing more powerful than a delicious breakfast to make everyone feel optimistic throughout the day. We hope the tips explained above help you plan an impressive corporate breakfast for all your guests to thoroughly enjoy. If you feel like breakfast is too early, then you can always go for business lunch catering instead.

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