Best Free SEO Tools Every Webmaster Should Use

SEO comprises various techniques to nurture your organic rankings, and all these techniques need various tools for research and implementation. There are various marketing tools for different purposes; some are paid, and rest offers free services.

Now, if you are running short of funds, then free SEO tools are your cup of coffee. You can get reliable data from these free tools and create an effective SEO strategy. 

Let’s know the best free SEO tools every webmaster should use for their online business SEO.

Free Keywords Research Tools

Google Keywords Planner

This is Google’s free tool for keyword research. It shows you keywords ideas according to the 10 seed keywords or website and URL. You can check the new keywords ideas, search volume, and CPCs. 

However, consider the Google Keyword Planner tool for Google SEO only; for Bing optimization, Bing itself offers a keyword planning tool.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator 

Ahref’s Keyword Generator is a great tool that generates 100 keyword ideas for a seed. Ahref has a huge database of over ten billion keywords across 170+ countries. Moreover, this tool shows you the search volume and keyword difficulty of the first ten keywords. The keywords difficulty score shows how difficult it is to rank for that keyword, which helps decide the strategy for those keywords.

Google Trends

Google trends show the popularity of a particular topic, and you can cover the topics that are trending now to have traffic and engagement. This tool helps you save time on the less trending topics. 

Free On-page SEO Tools


SERPSim simulates your appearance in the search results so that you can optimize your search snippet. It also shows that your title or metal descriptions are long, and you need to optimize for appearing in the search results without truncation.

Rank Math

Rank math helps you with on-page and technical SEO. It is a WordPress plugin. Rank math enables you to add Titles, Meta descriptions, OG tags, Other meta tags, etc.

Moreover, Rank math is useful in adding structured data markups, redirecting URLs, and fixing dead links.

Google’s Rich Results Test

This checks your structured markups on your site and tests your webpages for the featured snippets. You can use this tool to optimize your pages for rich snippets. Featured snippets are a great way to get rank zero and drive immense traffic.

Aherf’s SEO Toolbar

It is a Chrome and Firefox extension that gives you several valuable insights about the site you access. It creates an on-page SEO report of the website you visited, including Titles, Meta description, Word Count, Headers, Hreflang, canonicals, OG tags, etc.

Furthermore, it checks for broken links and redirects chains. Ahref’s SEO toolbar highlights the nofollow links on the site and shows all the SEO metrics in the SERP.

This tool gives you significant data for free, and you use it to strengthen your on-page SEO.

Free Link Building Tools

Ahref’s Backlink Checker

This link building tool is handy for monitoring your competitor’s backlink profile. It gives you the top 100 backlinks to any website or page. You can also check the five most linked pages, common anchor texts, the number of backlinks, referring domains, Domain Rating, etc. 

All these valuable insights can help you optimize your link building strategy and strengthen your backlink profile.

You can find email addresses of the businesses and associated persons with this tool. The tool allows up to 50 requests per month. All you need to do is enter the business domain and the person’s name to get the email address. The browser extensions are available for this tool. So, find out your targeted person’s email and pitch your proposal.


As the name says, this tool is used to scrape data from web pages. It is a chrome extension that can help you get some insightful data and find new link building prospects. Moreover, you can extract link building prospects from the SERP as well. 

Free Technical SEO Tools

Google Search Console

Again a valuable free tool from Google. Google search console helps you monitor and maintain the site health. You can track fix technical errors, submit sitemaps, and optimize structure sitemaps. Moreover, you can request Google to index your specific or newly added webpages.

Screaming Frog

For a small website, this tool is boon. It is a desktop-based website crawler that analyzes and audits technical and on-page SEO data. You can get data of up to 500 URLs for free; after that, you have to upgrade to premium mode. However, general small business websites don’t exceed this limit, and you can get premium-like services for free.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor because most people use mobile more than any other device, and Google wants to serve you best. On the other hand, if you are good on mobiles, then there will be significant traffic, engagement, and conversions from mobile devices. Hence, being mobile-compatible is crucial, and you can test your mobile performance with this tool. Hence, test your site and optimize for the best version of you on mobile to earn the sky-high results.

Free Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

You can get the level of data for free with this tool that isn’t possible with many paid tools. You almost get every information about your search performance and user behavior on your site. Moreover, the tool allows you to set some goals and track your goal completions. The data from Google analytics help you optimize your website SEO and make it more efficient.

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero provides some additional data that isn’t offered by Google analytics with real search keywords. The free version of the tool allows 10 URLs and 2000 sessions per month.

Google Data Studio

Google’s data studio makes your data reporting and analyzing easy. You can create amazing dashboards and reports with this tool. Google data studio integrates with various tools like Google search console and analytics to fetch the desired data and merge them as you required format.

These are some free SEO tools that every webmaster should use. You can save significant costs with these free tools and still have amazing business results. 

If you handle your SEO, you must consider these tools or ask your digital marketing consultant to use them for your SEO and save some marketing budget.

You can also take the help of this digital marketing agency Toronto for affordable and effective SEO services.

Happy Growth!

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Escale Solutions
8 days ago

This is amazing article on SEO free tools. Most of them are absolutely free which we use for our business website. Thanks a lot!

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