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For the past 5 years, I have developed, sold and set up digital marketing for companies of all sizes, which is why I have now compiled a small guide to the kinds of digital marketing that you can buy on external channels – not your own newsletter, SEO or social media channels without boost.


Marketing is the first step in a buying journey

When doing marketing, you should see your clickable ad as the first step in your customer’s buying journey. Therefore, the foundation of an effective marketing strategy is that you have considered what your customers should do once they click from the ad to your page. In other words, you need to have a sales funnel that takes them in your hand and leads them on that purchase journey. Read more about conversion optimization here.

In addition, you should also make sure to build your newsletter recipient list so that over time you will own your own marketing channel for your customers. You can learn more about marketing through newsletters at Iconic Solutions.


The 3 channels

Basically, there are 3 overall digital media marketing channels that have their advantages and disadvantages: social media, search and digital media marketing.


Social Media

On Facebook, Instagram and other social media, you can easily post a campaign message on your profile and ‘boost’ it to the target audience you want to reach. It is easy and accessible for both large and small businesses.

You can increase engagement on social media by talking to its users instead of talking to its users – and that is also true when you make a paid boost.

Internet marketing service

To express an attitude, and dared to take the lead. Martin Thornburg’s Facebook channel is a good example of a social media profile that dares to express its views. His tricks are to put the ass on the hook and give recognition to his audience by responding and liking comments. That’s a good strategy that has earned him 75,000 followers.


• Ask a question and engage with users’ answers. At Min-Belly, for example, every year we compile statistics for the Chinese calendar, which are supposed to predict the child’s gender. The Face book post always gives more than 500 comments.

• Use humor, cats, babies and all the other “nuuuurhhh” tricks on the internet.

• Engage your users with a competition

• Ask for help with something.


The downside to social media is that you do not own your channel. They can always change their algorithm in a way that makes it more expensive for you or put you in “social media jail” if you come to violate their guidelines. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about companies that have gone down and home because they have been overly reliant on their social media agency. Therefore, the ultimate goal should always be to grab your users and get them to sign up for your newsletter when you get them to your own website.

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Written by Amelia James

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Trilliant Digital
7 months ago

I agree that we would not have control over social media channels; however, even if we build our own sales channel, we won’t reach so many audiences like Facebook, Twitter, etc. How do we tackle this kind of situation, please?

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