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Whether you are on a business trip or a vacation, a rental car in Vaughan is the best option to enjoy your trip. Driving a fuel-efficient vehicle is one way to reduce the consumption of fuel. But you can also save money on fuel by changing the way you drive. Let’s read to find how you can save fuel and get better mileage.


  • Speed Limit: You should obey the speed limit, not only it is safer but it also saves fuel. Driving at 65mph will boost the fuel economy by 10 percent. So, it is better to stick to the speed limit.7
  • Avoid Congested Areas & Rush Hours: While on vacation, people often have flexible schedules. So, the best time to travel via car rental Brampton is when the roads are less busy. Stopping in congested areas increases fuel consumption. That’s why it is better to avoid peak hours.
  • Baggage Load: The more you put baggage inside your car, the more the fuel consumption will be. To save fuel, it is recommended to not load your car with too much luggage or passengers.
  • Drive Smoothly: Aggressive driving, hard braking and accelerating quickly can lower the fuel efficiency by up to 32%. Driving smoothly can not only save your fuel but money.
  • Don’t Be Idle: If you idle your engine for more than forty seconds, it causes pollution and wastes fuel. Cars these days don’t need much time to warm. Even if you are waiting for someone, it is better to turn off the engine and save your fuel.


We, at Rentex Car Rental, provides fuel-efficient and cheap car rental in Brampton for your smooth journey.

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