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Moving in the new city student has to make so many changes in their life. The Student found themselves very tangled up and miserable because of to make work’ long list ‘. He has to get up early, take bath, have breakfast then they have to attend long hours of classes, take a never-ending lecture and a time-consuming activity happening from day tonight. the Child gets so much tired and feels trapped in the vicious circle of coaching life and that’s why sometimes forget to take care of them and forget to eat on purpose because of the quality or taste of the food.

Students do best to manage everything but still mess up things up. They start skipping meals and fall ill. As we know, Food is something which every human needs to survive on this earth. Food is directly related to health because if you will eat good food then you will automatically feel good mentally.

Ogostay ensures you and helps you to find the best hostels in Kota which gives you the best service and the best environment. Ogostay provides you a long list of hostels and PG available in Kota. Hostels we suggest provide the best quality food to the student and keep in mind all hygienic processes. So, your child doesn’t forget to eat or skip it because of taste or quality. Hostel staff maintains the high level of standard and all possible measures are taken to ensure hygiene in the kitchen like Cleaning and Housekeeping of Kitchen and dining, Cleaning of utensils, cutlery, crockery, kitchen equipment, furniture, and mess. They care about everything and keep a check on the working of their kitchen area or mess. More information on this website.

The workers who work there are well behaved and follow all the provisions of ample liquid soap for hand wash at the basin and use good quality of soap for washing the utensils and clean towels to clean utensils. Ogostay assures on cleanliness and upkeep of premises and quality of provisions and quality of the food to everyone who is going to stay in the hostel.



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OGO STAYS is a Jaipur based company, OGO STAYS is a company focused on developing a net of new generation hostels, combining high-quality services with accessible prices. OGO STAYS aims to provide interaction between tenants and property owners directly on a single platform.
OGO STAYS is a real estate listing company as well as a provider of hostels, pg’s and long accommodation to tenants. The parent company HAPPINESS provides standards to which a property owner adhere to. OGO STAYS provides long term accommodation with an increase in occupancy & revenue. OGO STAYS is a platform which assists property owners and has innovative marketing and strong operating procedures.
OGO STAYS provides a quick resolution to your problems. OGO STAYS provides best hostels. Tenants would have options so that they could choose according to their budget and personal preferences.
The burden on owners would get reduced – to look for responsible tenants, do background checks and chase after tenants to pay in their dues.We assist with move-in, provide home maintenance services from cleaning, damages to rent payment & even move-out.


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