How to Do an App Development to Propel Your Business

Uber came in the market and people started downloading it in massive amount. Cult in its approach, it grasped the nerve of the market better than ever. The idea of having a ride on-demand was such a hit that after Uber made it big at the market, several other companies started coming up with Uber clones.

How to get it done:

If you are planning to build an app as effective as Uber then you have to keep in mind that there are thousand other like you crawling in the market. Keep the basics such as availability of effective fares, lucrative discounts, security intact and you are good to go.

How to go about it:

It’s mandatory for the app you are developing to have features those would allow the passengers to request rides and to avail cashless payments. It’s important to have a network between the server and the application to process payments and returns swiftly after the end of the rides. Effective refund and rating policy further attract the loyalty of the potential and existing customers.

Must-Have Features:

  • Real-time tracking and notifications. To attain high efficiency it should have an expert hold in operating Google maps API
  • Mobile registration with a proper security unit
  • A lightweight and efficient app server component. Amazon SNS is a highly recommended cause of his lightweight and cost efficiency
  • A working SSL connection
  • A payment application for both iOS and Android. Preferably Braintree

It’s highly recommended to recruit a developer who has the following skills:

In case if mobile apps:

•    Objective-C

•    Java

•    Swift

Backend services for the apps:

•    Node.js

•    PHP

App Databases:

•    MongoDB

•    MySQL

The extent of the credibility of the app will always depend on the expertise of the people recruited.

When the technology is highly efficient, its software development comes with a bit of a risk, that’s why proper planning and coordination is essential. There are certain footnotes, which should be followed religiously while building an app like Uber:

•    To prioritize the tasks and the project

•    To make sure the tasks have been assigned properly to designers, developers, and project heads

•    Marking deadlines and trying not to miss them

•    To set the work in order to ensure it’s up-to-date and refreshed

•    Regular discussion to maintain coordination amongst the team members

Proper coordination and planning are like oil to the mechanism of app development. The smoother the plan, the effects it’s going to be.

While you build an app which you plan to make an effective and strong as Uber, remember its backend planning serves as its spine.

The top portion of consuming such tools to marketplace an application lies that takes the authority for the contact and social media networks as well.

Here are the specifications that you should keep in mind while doing the backend planning of your app:

•    Focus on highly stimulating data extraction and optimization

•    Use of half-duplex socket to meet time constraints

•    Use of Nginx as the web server as it gels well with real-time

How to process the payments:

Processing of payments serves as one of the most important aspects of building an app of this sort. The most sought after payment gateway for such an application is Braintree, for the following reasons:

1.    Braintree doesn’t charge a penny till $50,000 transactions

2.    It facilitates auto-payments, refunds, recurring payments

Apart from these important structural necessities, there are some more specifications that one should keep getting on with it:

1.    Use of SSL encryption

2.    It’s a no to store credit card details locally

3.    Extensive use of Braintree I-Frames

Wrapping up,

To develop an Uber Clone App, which will be as efficient and error-free as the former one, it’s important to shell out an ample amount of time, expertise, and resources. It’s increasingly important to keep up with the pace of competition and to achieve that build an app with proper logistics and accurate information, it’s given that the market is constantly evolving and gaining momentum, so it can be your time to join the run. If there’s any plan to venture into it, do it now.

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