Most Common HR Interview Questions with Answers for Working Professionals

HR interview is a mandatory process for recruitment in most organizations. No matter what qualifications you possess or how experienced you are, you have to appear for a face-to-face discussion and prove your mettle. The questions put across by HR can be quite tricky and they may vary according to the job role, but some basic questions are usually covered during every interview.

Here are the 10 most common HR questions and the best ways to answer them:

Q1: Tell us about yourself.

This is generally the first question during the HR round. You must give a complete introduction of yourself providing details about your qualifications, experience, interests and family background. It is advisable to highlight your key skills here.

Q2: Why do you want to work with us?

In order to answer this question aptly, it is suggested to research well about the company, its philosophy, and culture. Tell them how you will help further the company’s vision. Mention how well you understand their business model and the skills you possess which make you an asset for the company.

Q3: What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

This question is a double-edged sword. You must handle it tactfully as it can serve as the deciding factor in your recruitment. Your main focus should be on your strengths. As you tell them about your weakness, you also mention how you are making efforts to overcome the same. HR management courses especially cover this question.

Q4: You have changed many jobs. For how long do you intend to work with us?

You can say that you switched jobs to grow professionally. It has made you more confident, competent and skilled so that you can add more value to your job. You are looking for a long term association.

Q5: Would you like to ask any questions from us?

You can ask them more about your position. You can get an overview of the job profile as well as the responsibilities that will come with it. It is better to get clarity about your role here.

Q6: What are your salary expectations?

You should be prepared for this question. Do your research and find out about the approximate package being offered for this position as per market standards. Mention the figures but don’t be too rigid on them.

Q7: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Do your groundwork and give a reasonable answer. It is a good idea to put forward your plan on how you aim to take small steps to reach the mentioned goal in the next 5 years.

Q8: Will you be fine working overtime or on the weekends?

You can say that work and timelines are important. You would be available whenever the company requires your contribution and would handle the assigned task with dedication.

Q9: How do you handle work pressure?

Tell that work pressure motivates you to work harder. You can let them know that you have worked under strict deadlines. Pressure has always brought out the best in you.

Q10: What is your work philosophy?

You should say that you give 100% to your work. You take it as your responsibility to complete the assigned work on time and ensure good quality.

HR interview is the final round of selection. It is the deciding factor when it comes to securing your desired position in an organization. Therefore, it is important to prepare well on these questions, rehearse your answers and body language and most importantly, do your homework on the company thoroughly.

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