Planning Study Abroad? The 10 Best European Countries for International Students

Studying abroad is an ambition harbored by thousands of students, but choosing the right destination is what matters at the end. The European countries are deemed to be a suitable destination for the aspiring students hailing from the other continents. After the recent changes in US foreign policies and Brexit, these European countries have become more sought after to foreign students. You should analyze your priorities, career goals, and financial situation before choosing any such European country for higher studies. The agencies offering student visa Australia along with visas for European countries echo this view.

Factors That Play Pivotal Roles in the Selection of Destination Country for Higher Studies

When choosing a European country as a destination for higher studies, you should analyze a few key factors. It is not only getting admission into a preferred university alone. Factors that matter here are:

  • Culture and lifestyle of the European country.
  • High-quality education and availability of courses taught in English.
  • Cost of pursuing various courses, including tuition fees.
  • Safety of foreigners and the crime rate in the country.
  • Work prospects after completion of courses.

The entities deemed as the best consultant for Australia, and other nations will analyze these aspects before suggesting a destination country to a student.

Listed Below Are The Top 10 European Countries To Pursue Higher Education:

  • Austria

Austria is sought after by foreign students as it has lower education costs and excellent teaching provisions. On average, 88000 foreign students are enrolled in the institutes and universities in the country. The academic system in Austria also has a place for creativity and innovation. The country also has very low crime rates, and the beautiful climate makes it suitable for students hailing from almost any country.

  • Spain

If you want to experience the heritage and culture of a country while pursuing higher studies in its universities, Spain is a great choice. There are more than 70- universities to pick from, and Spanish culture is so diverse that foreigners have a gala time experiencing and exploring it. The climate is generally nice, and the cost of living is also on the lower side. Learning Spanish can also boost your career prospects.

  • Ireland

Ireland may not be as popular as the UK for higher studies, but you can give this country a try. The Irish people are known for their warm and welcoming nature. The recent Irish govt policies for the EU students are really commendable, and this will bring down the cost of education too. You can also obtain a work permit in Ireland while you are studying a course. Irish history and heritage are also worth exploring- more so for students of Humanities.

  • The UK

The education experts are divided on their opinion regarding the impact of Brexit on foreign students seeking higher studies in the UK. The main drawback is the steep cost of living in the UK- which deters a section of foreign students. In case you are lucky to obtain a partial or full scholarship in any UK university- you should go for it. The country has some of the top universities globally, and the education system is excellent. The rich cultural heritage of the country is no less alluring for foreign students.

  • Germany

In the last few years, the influx of foreign students in Germany has shot up. There are many reasons behind this, actually. The German universities are known for the excellent quality of teaching, and education cost is low. More or less 250000 students from various countries are now enrolled in German universities. At the German state-run universities, you can avail tuition almost for free. Exploring the rich heritage and culture of Germany can be fascinating for any student. It is also one of the safer European countries for foreign students.

  • Greece

Greece has a fascinating history and cultural heritage that has lured historians and students from abroad alike for ages. Excellence in imparting education is an inherent part of Greek culture. The EEA/EU students can opt for undergraduate programs free of cost. Greece is also known for its reasonable cost of living. The additional attractions for foreign students in Greece are its stunning natural locations and amazing cuisine and nightlife.

  • Sweden

A beautiful Scandinavian country, Sweden can be your preferred destination for pursuing higher education. It has some of the most coveted universities in Europe- to begin with. You may put your plans for a business visa Australia on hold and consider the benefits of studying in Sweden. The balanced lifestyle of Swedish people, amazing natural beauty, and cultural diversity of the country make studying a worthwhile experience for the foreign students.

  • France

Culturally inclined students prefer France over the other countries in Europe for pursuing higher education. There are more than 3000 institutions to pick from. Learning the French language is possible when you stay here, and that enhances your career prospects- regardless of your chosen stream. It is ideal for research purposes as the CNRS is a top research organization. The capital city, Paris, is a Mecca for foreign students as it is for the tourists.

  • Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country located in Central Europe, but it still manages to allure a good number of foreign students every year. The reasons include excellent education facilities, nice climate, and warm, hospitable people. Besides, it offers really low tuition fees for the students. The quality of life is very high, and the beautiful country has negligible crime rates- making it an ideal choice for foreign students.

  • Netherlands

If you are having second thoughts about a destination even after obtaining a good IELTS score for Australia pr, keep the Netherlands as an option. More than 2000 university programs are offered in English here. The Dutch government is also keen on wooing students from foreign countries. So, it offers a subsidy for talented foreign students, and tuition costs are also on the lower side. Almost 95% of Dutch speak English fluently, and the universities usually have student associations. The education system is flexible and practically developed.

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