The Main Tools to Promote Beauty Brand [2020 Edition]

2020 is coming. Traditional Internet marketing tools are still used in the work of beauty branding and beauty packaging companies. You need to think over the content itself and find new ideas constantly. In order to find non-standard solutions, it is better to start from the concept of your company, from positioning and values. You can always come up with something interesting and unusual, even if it already seems that everything is invented. Now let’s go directly to the ways of promotion. I won’t talk about a quality website and its importance. Everything is clear here. Let’s get started.

Search Marketing in Google

This is still a relevant promotion tool. I’m talking about the promotion of requests related to services:

  • service & area;
  • service & subway station;
  • requests for service;
  • requests for service & subway station.

For this, it is imperative that there is a good site and, at a minimum, competently designed service pages. Who opened 2-3 years ago, don’t use this tool. Instead, they actively use Instagram. However, the practice has shown that Instagram cannot be considered as the only tool for promotion. Therefore, you need to make sure that your business is located for the services that the target audience needs. Being visible is extremely important!

Geolocation Services

Some users choose a salon on the map and search directly by geolocation. Of course, I’m not talking about traffic that can be obtained from a direct search or social networks. However, it is worth remembering about this tool and, if possible, use it.

Beauty Industry Directories

When you type “service & area” for the same requests in Google, a lot of free search results in addition to your site are assigned to such services. It is not necessary to use the paid version. It is enough just to be there, and that’s good. You need to be there to participate in this competition.

Review Sites

They work especially well with the audience, which is at the decision-making stage. The person has already visited you. He liked the site, the brand, but he wants to read reviews on third-party resources. He is typing in the search engine the query “the name of the company & reviews” and reads everything that it finds. Of course, 50-60% are custom reviews. Nevertheless, there are real reviews, so you need to follow the reputation of the company.

It is very important to ensure that you do not have unanswered negatives. That is, if somewhere they write badly about you, maybe even competitors or inadequate customers, you must correctly and substantively respond to this negative. Thereby you will show potential customers that you care about your reputation.

Targeted Advertising

This is one of the most important tools when dealing with unformed demand. You can fine-tune advertising by your target audience and directly by the district. For all social networks, there is an opportunity to show catch-up ads. For example, if a visitor came to the site from another source, then you can catch up with advertising on any social networks, this is also very convenient. The person will contact you sooner or later.

Outdoor Advertising

Many people underestimate this tool. Indeed, if you consider advertising on billboards, it is quite expensive. Nevertheless, some point advertising campaigns even help a lot. It can be navigation items. For example, a shield that shows where your office is located. You need to focus on the place where there is a lot of traffic. The stops work well in this regard. Before launching such an advertisement, you must make sure that you are doing well with the site and social services. By networks. Because the person, most likely, will not immediately call, but will first examine the proposal. To start, go to the site, most likely from the phone. It is important that the site is well adapted and answered all the questions of a potential client.


Working with bloggers have to be very neat. It is best to conclude an agreement and discuss the terms of cooperation. After all, you can provide services at no cost, and the blogger will not leave a review or even throw out a negative.

Indoor Advertising

This is advertising in shopping, entertainment and business centers, fitness clubs. If you can find a common language with the owners and administrators, you can agree on joint conditions.

Additional Promotion Tools

Using the most relevant tools of online promotion, don’t forget about other ways to attract customers that are not related to digital marketing.

Good loyalty system. Use any opportunity to interact with the target audience. This can be done through the organization of various workshops, seminars, and other meetings that involve lively interactive.

Special schedule. Try to attract those customers who cannot use salon services during standard business hours. This may be early morning or late evening. Such a schedule is guaranteed to interest the businesswoman and not only.

Local groups in social networks.  Find them, contact, and find out the conditions of advertising. There is your audience.

Non-standard solutions. If you have a coffee shop nearby, arrange a campaign with them. For example, customers who come with their cup will receive a discount on salon services in the amount of 5%-10%.

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