Things to Consider Before Hiring Home Painters

Painting your home can transform the overall building into something beautiful. It can make the dullest corner seem bright and lively! In order to ensure quality painting that is sure to last few years, you must get hold of professional painters as they completely understand your needs and work in accordance with your budget.

The following are some tips that will enlist the things that you should look for while hiring residential painters:


The first thing that must be checked is that whether the painter has insurance or not. Hiring a service is one thing but hiring a painter is something else. The company must have insurance for itself but the employees who work under the company might not be insured! Before doing any form of hiring, online or offline, make sure they are insured. It is the duty of the painter to have adequate insurance. Hiring on this parameter will help you protect your property from any damage made by the painters! It is important to ask for the valid proofs before hiring them.


When you look for residential painters in Melbourne make sure to check on their license. Some licenses are for the commercial painting while some are for the residential painting. So make sure that the contractor carries the right kind of license for your property and which will help you hire them for your service. Check properly and if required you can visit their online profiles to check the liability and limit of such licenses. As many painters continue to use expired licenses to gather more clients!

Past References

Here comes the red flag consideration! The painter must be ready to share with you the references of the past clients that he or she has worked with. This is important as this will serve as a testimonial and give you an insight of what kind of service you can expect from them. If the painters are not reluctant to show you past references then consider this to be a red flag! Any reputed painting company that has worked for several clients will be greatly boastful to show their past works to you. If it’s the opposite then close down the option there only.

Service Warranty

Last but not the least; you must look for in the guarantee of the work that they provide. You are spending your hard earned money so you are liable to get a warranty or guarantee of the service that you are paying for. The reliable companies usually offer you a 1-2 year warranty on the work that they will be undertaking at your home. Also once you are sure of getting one, then ensure that the warranty covers both the cost as well as the labor charge in case of any defect.

As house painting in Melbourne is being extensively done by the professional painters so it becomes imperative to hire the right ones. With so many options to choose from, it becomes difficult to understand which service will turn out to be the best for you. The above tips will be useful at the time of such hiring!

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Written by James Spencer

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