What Qualities to Look For in a Full-Stack Developer

It is seldom that a company does not need to recruit techies. No business can function effectively without the assistance of web or software professionals at present. However, the term developer is varied, with a number of them being adept at handling different kinds of technologies. However, having to hire a full-stack developer is often the need of the hour today. It comes as no surprise, therefore, to find the said developers in high demand at present.


A full-stack developer would have the requisite knowledge about web applications backed by expertise in HTML, CSS, Angular JS & PHP. The technical experts would also be well versed in creating and manage databases, servers, system engineering, and related functions. Their skill sets make them popular, and the first choice for companies looking for smart solutions. Most of the developers also serve as project leaders wherein the business owner does not have to spend time worrying about the completion of their projects.


You would have to know a little about full-stack development to pick the right developer. Here are a few facts for your benefit. Do take a look.


Full-Stack Development: What is it?


The term includes the development of both Frontend as well as the Backend of a website. The developer should also be proficient in dealing with databases and debugging. Managing all the components to keep the site operational are skills that you need to check before hiring a developer. The full-stack developer can prove to be an asset for companies across industries. However, having an experienced full stack developer onboard can reverse the fortunes of small businesses and startups equally.


Skills that a full stack developer needs to have


  • Programming Languages- The developer should be knowledgeable about all the significant technologies of today. Moreover, he/she should be an expert in at least one programming language with knowledge of several others being particularly beneficial. It would be advisable to ask the candidate about his expertise in Frontend and Backend of web development during the interviewing process. This will enable you to make use of that skill to augment your project.
  • Technologies- The developer may be well versed in any one of the required technologies related to full-stack development. However, the candidate needs to be an expert in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, along with the languages required for backend development.
  • Online Community Member- Being a member of an online community can be beneficial to you as well. The members are likely to be well versed in the modern practices and upcoming trends of technology, thereby contributing to your success.
  • Experience- Work experience always counts. It would be best to ask the candidate to share samples of previous projects handled to assess the level of expertise. However, hiring a relatively inexperienced one may also prove to be invaluable, especially when the developer is eager to learn on the job and produce the required results.


The industry leaders recommend approaching a full-stack digital production company for outsourcing your requirements so that the more significant projects can be completed cost-effectively and well within the deadline.

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Ali Muhammadur
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