What Skills Do You Need to Be a Cloud Architect?

One of the tops searched keywords in IT Solution is Cloud Architect jobs. In this article, I will discuss the outlines of a cloud architect and what skills you need to become a certified Cloud Architect.

What Does Cloud Architect Basically Mean?

It refers to subcomponents and components that are needed for cloud solutions. These basically include front and back end platforms and when they are mix together they form Cloud management.

Cloud architect role is completely responsible for converting the technical skills of the project into its art and designs it well so that it can reach the final product. They are also answerable for filling the gap between the complex business-related problems and proper solutions in the cloud.

What Are the Compulsory Skills Needed to Become a Cloud Architect?

If you are looking to pursue a career as a cloud architect, you must have total research on it. I will just list those below so that you can track whether you are on the right track.

  1.     One should have strong knowledge in Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris, and Windows. My personal experience is one should start with Linux if not initiated.
  2.     One should have an excellent background in IP addresses, DNS, and HTTP.
  3.     Computing Language should also be familiar to you, this is not compulsory but definitely will help in getting a better understanding in networking.
  4.     Security knowledge is a vital part in becoming a Cloud architect, for the initial stage one can start with firewalls.

The above list is just for beginners. You need to have strong technical knowledge if you are thinking of becoming a certified solutions architect. One can check more on Rasna Tech and you can get high-qualified cloud services on this site. These certified architects are well known for their job and are experts in cloud technologies.

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