Why Content Marketing Is So Important: User-Generated Content Example


Сontent marketing is indisputably on everyone’s lips. 

To understand what lies behind the huge success, it is enough to mention two facts:

  1. Conversion of leads increases threefold
  2. It is 62% cheaper than more traditional approaches with sales promotion, online,  the like. And here two incredible things are combined – it works much better, and you save money!

Last but not least, content marketing is unlimited in terms of duration or audience, because you create the right content, change it, improve or expand it according to customer needs.

The purchased advertising campaign ends, as well as the effect of it. There are always thousands of ideas for posts on social networks.

Now I’d like to pass to a true phenomenon:

user-generated content – every company’s dream.

Reading forums, blogs, marketing books, business guides user-generated content (UGC) is always mentioned as a mysterious thing that happens once in century with some very successful company. Often you cannot even find enough information to figure out what should you do.

Reality: UGC comes when you have a specific content marketing strategy, realistic goals and you know what your customers and prospects are looking for. By that time, you reached some point with content marketing (for example you have a blog and an active Facebook page). You know what can involve people and do the first steps:

  • Trigger the topics that weren’t covered before
  • Ask for opinion 
  • Share your insights and offer to contribute to the company they like 
  • Quizzes and challenges with pleasant bonuses.
  • Specific events related to your business – let people share their life stories.

In fact, UGC is the highest level of customer engagement except for the purchase stage and you can use it for your goals.


I briefly described only one type of content marketing and I would recommend focusing on 5 more: 

  • Blog and social media
  • Audio/Video content
  • Case studies
  • Email marketing
  • Reviews

Read the full article with the latest statistics an infographics and practical examples – it’s free and written to help businesses grow:

6 Types of Content Marketing That Work Best for Your Business Growth + 3 Tools We Use and Recommend for Content Marketing! 

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