Why You Should Sell Your House To An Investor!

Hello, if you are reading this it is possible you have a house for sale, but first, thank you for taking the time to comb through this article.

In this short article, I will explain to you the benefits of taking a cash offer on your residence in the USA. You see there are lots of reasons people sell their homes to investors. The first is that possibly you have a property that is causing more headache than it is worth to you, so you just want to get rid of it. Or perhaps you have emotional reasons coming up and you really don’t want to deal with a realtor and just want cash in your hand. That is perfectly fine.

You see when dealing with a realtor, you have to interview a few, sign a few papers, hold open houses, trust the realtor when he says “I can sell your house!”, pay his commission, feed his family, pay his boss, the broker. Then he has to market the property and set up multiple showings with strangers walking around your home while you are out. You really are at the mercy of being tied down to this realtor if he doesn’t perform. It can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days before anyone starts packing up to move.

You see when you sell to investors it’s a much easier and quicker process. The first step is you contact a real estate investor such as myself at my website, www.SparrowHomeBuyers.com, then you read everything to make sure it is right for you, or you can just go ahead and fill in your information and I will personally be in contact with you to discuss the right solution that will help you the most. By solution I mean we will go over the repairs, and the value of the home “as-is” and in fixed up condition and see if a cash offer fits your goals.

You see real estate investors pride themselves on win-win and win-win-win situations for all involved. I know realtors have a code of ethics but sometimes they just want their commission.

Instead of having multiple open houses, all I need to do is contact a partner to check the property out, one time, who is a professional that will fund the deal if it meets his criteria. With that being said, I will admit that selling with a realtor will net you more cash, but there comes the headache of dealing with them.

After the paperwork is signed by both you, I and my partner I will send it off to a title company to clear everything which could take less than a week and then all that needs to happen is scheduled closing. You may not even meet me or my partner! In fact, I work virtually!

So that’s how it happens. That’s all those “We Buy Houses” signs you see, this is what we do, we are professional but guerilla real estate investors.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you ever need someone to sell your house so I am ready, willing, and able!


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