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    The Most Important Life Lesson That I Have Ever Learned

    By Lukas Schwekendiek The most important life lesson that I have ever learned was one that most people ignore. Most people are so busy running around and trying to cope with the world that they forget to be honest with themselves. Being honest with myself is the most important Life Lesson I learned. We lie […] More

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    How To Take The Difficulty Out Of Moving With Teens

    How To Take The Difficulty Out Of Moving With Teens It may be frustrating to raise teens right now. The world often seems to be inside the middle of mayhem, so it is typically problematic to enable flexibility and maintain your young adults secure at the identical time. Still, it is beneficial that your young […] More

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    Important Discussions to Have Before Planning your Honeymoon

    To travel is to escape the routine life that we lead, and a tour becomes even more special when you take it with your loved ones. The honeymoon is definitely one of the most important vacations of every couple’s life and you want to make it perfect by making sure nothing goes wrong. There are […] More

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    Things Working Moms Shouldn’t Forget to Do

    When you’re a working mom, every day is a struggle. Each working mom is a Wonder Woman who is challenged by many supertasks at once. Being productive and successful at work and giving your children love and care, looking good, keeping your house clean, food cooked, and marriage happy – this is what the world […] More

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    Things You Need to Teach Your Kids About Personal Hygiene


    Teaching the little ones about anything as they grow is a challenging and an engaging process. The good part is that their brain is sharp enough to absorb new commands and then implement. Of all the habits that parents need to teach, personal hygiene for kids tops the chart. Especially, when the child enters the […] More

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    Be The Girl Who Believes In Love

    I’ve been single all my life. Here’s the thing, though: I haven’t been single because I don’t believe in love. Quite on the contrary – those who know me will tell you, I’m incredibly sappy, overly-sensitive, idealistic to a fault, and romantic to the marrow of my bones. I fall often, and I fall hard. […] More