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    Top 5 e-Reader Apps For iPad in 2019

    While few people still buy dedicated e-reader devices, many readers have moved on to tablets and smartphones. Apple’s Books are already doing a great job as stock apps, but the specialist reading apps can support odd formats, add numerous extras, from highly configurable settings, and read the subscriptions. 1. Bluefire Reader 2. Apple Books 3. […] More

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    What Are Project Management Tools?

    If you’re here, you’re most likely speculative, “what square measure project management tools?” Well, you’re sensible for returning to a project manager for answers thereto question. Project management tools square measure aids to help a person or team to effectively organize work and manage comes and tasks. The term typically refers to a project management you’ll purchase […] More

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    The era of Artificial Intelligence

    Focusing on  today’s hottest topic – Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). INTRODUCTION TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE For people who are new, Artificial Intelligence is a machine’s ability to think using mathematical algorithms (or logic). It is astonishing to witness the results that we can achieve using machine intelligence, some of which are image-processing, self-driving cars, smarter robots, etc. […] More

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    European Union invites 5 major banks to help set up blockchain forum

    The European Union (EU) organized in Brussels has invited 5 major banks to join hands to establish a blockchain forum. Through the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (IATBA) they plan to “develop a trusted, secure and resilient European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) meeting the highest standards in terms of privacy, cybersecurity, interoperability and fully complaint with EU law.” […] More

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    Bitcoin SV Vs Bitcoin ABC The Ongoing Battle.

    Bitcoin which has recently split into two cryptocurrencies (BTC ABC and BTC SV)  and they have no intention of joining hands anytime soon. This continuous debate has already had some cryptocurrency exchanges warming up to the idea of two different currencies. More

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    IoT: Technology that is Reshaping the Way We Live

    Almost any object if connected to the internet can be transformed into an IoT device which can be controlled. IoT Technology Most IoT devices at home or in the office will use regular Wi-Fi connections, satellite connections or a Bluetooth one to create a connection between them and share data.  Latest technological developments  keep costs […] More

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    The value of apps to businesses

    As we all know that technology is growing day by day so, we need to adopt new features of the technology in your business. Decades ago our business peoples struggled a lot to promote their products/services into markets. But now we have a solution for these we call that solution “technology”. Many applications are evolved […] More

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