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    5 Top Tips to Recycle Old Blogs

    Do you write new content every day? It’s amazing what you can come up with new ideas and innovative techniques to engage your users every single time. But wait. What about all your old content? That absolutely mind-opening article you wrote about AI or that helpful guide about using bespoke software in the workplace. Have […] More

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    Top 5 Trends to Look for in Software Testing Services

    The last few years or so have witnessed significant advancements in the world of software development, along with software testing. There have emerged concepts like Agile and DevOps that have revolutionized the way software professionals work on projects, and leading providers of software testing services are proof of this. The Digital Group is an example […] More

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    6 Features to Look for in a Travel Management Software

    Business travel is an integral part of business operations in almost every organization. Right from meeting clients to attending seminars or getting souvenirs like great wine gifts sets, employees are required to plan business trips to various locations in the city, to different parts of the country, or even abroad ( learn more). With this […] More

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    Top 5 Salon Softwares That Can Help Your Salon Business Grow

    The Salon software is a tool it can help to manage salon and spa owners. This software handles the appointment booking and Point of sale, Marketing, Customer Management. The Salon software is designed to fulfill the salon and spa requirements at salons and spas, helping the consumers to feel happier in booking services in real-time. […] More

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    Effective Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry!

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been creating more positive impacts on the healthcare industry, thus reducing the rate of mortality. Generally, the doctors make use of their skills and experience to make a certain decision while providing treatment for the patients (click here now). This situation has been entirely changed by the introduction of artificial intelligence […] More

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    Top 5 Automated Web Testing Tools for 2019

    Automation testing is fast becoming the most effective way to test software, data management and applications for QA teams across the globe, as it offers several significant advantages over manual testing. Today, there are applications running on various platforms – web, desktop, and mobile – and there are new apps coming up every other day. This […] More

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