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    6 Palm Beach County Health And Fitness Experts Share Their Wellness Secrets

    It’s said if you don’t have your health then you don’t have anything. Here, six of the county’s top health and fitness experts weigh in on everything from feeling sexier in your own skin to tippling nutritiously. Tiffany Bowers Founder and Creator, Tribe Studio Jupiter Fifteen years after relocating to Jupiter from Baltimore, Maryland, Tiffany […] More

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    Fat-shaming fitness trainer suspended for calling a woman disgusting

    A fitness trainer has been suspended after he publicly ‘fat-shamed’ a woman for buying ice cream. The incident happened when an employee of Fitness First Singapore, named on social media as Shah Cutler, shared a photo of the unknown woman standing in front of an ice cream stand, with the caption: ‘Wtf so fat still […] More

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    How To Keep Your Core Muscles Engaged With The Workouts

    A solid and particularly portrayed core shows both quality and prosperity. The men and women attempt to have a strong, adapted midsection, anyway not a lot of them ever achieve getting one. If you have been hunting down the perfect program to get you the tight, strong focus you by and large hunt down, look […] More

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    A Guidence Towards The Preparation Towards Six Pack Abs

    Please take the following couple of minutes to find out about this one thing you should abstain from doing which can really make your abs well out further. Before we jump into the preparation and exercise, Two key focuses in preparing and chiselling your abs: 1.No single abdominal muscle exercise out there will get you […] More

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    Best HIIT workout for upper body

    Best HIIT workout for upper body Today we are going to talk about HIIT workout for upper body. If you want to develop your upper body and strengthen your muscles while burning fat, but you want to avoid marathon gym sessions, the ‘High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)’ is the ideal workout for you. It is a […] More