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    Magic Foods That Will Literally Keep You Younger


    The struggle against aging has been around almost as long as humanity has been in existence. In particular, the aging of the skin is what makes us look older. Creams, injections, plastic surgery – the arsenal of the beauty industry improves and multiplies with each year. However, you can make yourself look younger without expensive […] More

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    5 Exciting Facts About Power Banks That You Had No Idea About

    The popularity of power banks is exploding as the slim convenient gadgets become trendy, especially among the tech-savvy crowd. For the most part, you know that you use a power bank to power up your cell phone when it’s dead, and you are not near a power outlet. However, Power banks can also be used for other […] More

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    10 Smart Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

    Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) such as heart attacks, strokes, and other circulatory diseases are currently the leading cause of premature death around the world. In addition to being the primary cause of death, CVDs result in severe illness and disability for life, and economic loss of hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Though there are […] More

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    Screen Dependency Disorder (SDD) – Know all about it!

    Many of us might not be addicted to drugs or cigarettes or alcohol, but our addiction to our mobile phones is dangerous than any other addictions. Smart Mobile phones are no doubt a constructive invention by mankind, but the effects that mobile phones pose on us are destructive. Ok, now, let’s accept the fact that even […] More

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    Effective Ways to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

    Be it an interview or a selfie, the way your face appears plays an important part in all aspects of your social life. This is why many people are bothered by the shape of their faces. Many of us want our faces to appear slimmer and more toned. This directly relates to our confidence level […] More

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    How to Increase Immunity at Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

    With the increasing fear of the COVID-19, people are looking for ways to enhance their immune system. Forming immunity is a lengthy and complex procedure where organs, cells, and tissues work along with each other to safeguard our body from an infectious disease. Our unhealthy lifestyle has exposed us to an infectious disease. People with […] More

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    The 3 Best Home Remedies for Cold Sores on the Lip

    “Oh no, please don’t!” This is my first thought when I feel a tingling sensation on my lip. I know very well that nasty cold sores develop from it in no time. These not only look unattractive, but are also extremely uncomfortable. They interfere with eating and drinking, actually with everything. The women affected would […] More

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    What to Do on Your Free Time

    Hearing the phrase “rest time”, many mechanically believe that it is time to sit back and do nothing. Yes, resting at your leisure is perfectly normal, but only sometimes. Free time does not need to be wasted, this is a great opportunity to finish unfinished business or improve yourself in a personal or professional way. […] More

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    What to Wear for High Level of Protection – kn95 or Disposable Mask?

    Whenever you’re interacting with someone, there might be chances that infected particles can transform through talking, coughing, or sneezing. Along with personal hygiene and preventive measures, wearing a face mask could be an effective solution to stay safe in public and risky areas like workplaces, laboratories, industrial applications, and other areas to reduce the exposure […] More

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