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    One Insanely Popular Love Story that Breaks Too Many Hearts

    We make our relationships so much harder than they need to be.  The difficulties started when conversations became texting, feelings became subliminal, sex became a game, the word “love” fell out of context, trust faded as honesty waned, insecurities became a way of living, jealously became a cyclical routine, being hurt started to feel natural… […] More

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    When He Asks For Another Chance — Say This

    When an old flame comes back asking for a second chance, don’t let your excitement make you forget why things didn’t work out in the first place. Always remember — you don’t deserve someone who comes back, you deserve someone who never leaves. Follow Rania on Twitter Facebook Instagram Quote Catalog Amazon Source: Thought Catalog More

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    5 Ways To Never Experience Heartbreak Ever Again

    One of the most prominent reasons I hear from people about why they’ve stopped dating, or approach it with brutal skepticism, is that they have been hurt so much in the past that they simply do not trust people anymore or trust that finding happiness is even a possibility. The problem with this mindset, as one can imagine, […] More

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    No Matter How Much You Love An Addict, It’s Okay To Leave

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    Addiction is ugly. Addiction is a monster. Addiction robs people of happiness and the ability to create and maintain any type of relationship. Being with someone who has an addiction is one of the hardest things I had ever experienced. Between the guilt, self-blame and believing I would save him negatively impacted my physical and […] More

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    Science is right: brutal break-ups are the way forward


    Being dumped is like finding yourself hungover on an involuntary bungee jump when someone suddenly cuts the safety straps mid-descent. The pain of an unexpected break-up sits somewhere on the scale between having an operation without general anesthetic, and stubbing all of your toes on a metal coffee table at the exact same time. That’s why if […] More

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    The changing reasons why women cheat on their husbands

    One of the more interesting facts in Esther Perel’s new book, State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, comes near the beginning. Since 1990, notes the psychoanalyst and writer, the rate of married women who report they’ve been unfaithful has increased by 40 percent, while the rate among men has remained the same. More women than ever are […] More

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    12 things to know before you let go

    Oftentimes letting go has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength.  We let go and walk away not because we want the universe to realize our worth, but because we finally realize our own worth. And that’s what this short article is all about – realizing your worth, and harnessing this […] More

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    A mother stabs boyfriend six times after she finds him naked on top of her twelve years old daughter

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    A mother who found her boyfriend lying naked on top of her 12-year-old daughter stabbed him six times before calling the police. The woman, who has not been publicly identified, pulled out her pocket knife at her home in Cleveland and stabbed her boyfriend, 31, five times in the chest and once in the head. […] More

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    17 clever food hacks you need to try

    Everybody loves foods. Whether they are the healthy and sumptuous looking homemade meals or fresh and thirst quenching fruits or those sinful and fat laden favourites, nobody will be able to forgo it. So we eat, but why not make everything easy? For this article we will be seeing some food hacks which will be […] More