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    How to Get Better Sleep

    Getting restful sleep is just as essential as a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Multiple studies have shown that having poor sleep can have some unwanted side effects on your exercise, hormones and even brain function.  Poor sleep can also cause an increased risk of diseases as well as weight gain. Getting enough shut-eye not […] More

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    How to Know whether you are a functional Alcoholic

    The word alcoholic is associated with addicts. We always think of alcoholics being those filthy, reckless and haggard looking guys who seem not able to function without a taste of the bottle. When you hear the word you want to think of people who should be at the rehabilitation center going through counselling and trying […] More

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    How to Make Money Off Your Travel Blog


    It’s always been your dream to travel and get paid to do it.  But how do you create an income for yourself while moving around? Starting a travel blog comes as the obvious answer.  The next question, is how to make money off of your travel blog?  You know it’s possible, but don’t know how […] More