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    Why You Should Never Tell Someone “Stop Crying” (And What to Say Instead)

    “An emotion is a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, and a behavioral or expressive response.” – Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2007 Emotions are intricately complex psychological states. Consider the studies of two prominent psychologists, Paul Eckman and Robert Plutchik: – In 1972, Eckman proposed that there were six […] More

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    10 ways to Speed up a slow computer

    Upgrade your RAM You can’t expect your computer to do multitasking if you are using a 2GB RAM. At least go for 8GB. RAM will not increase you speed but will allow you to handle large applications/games more effectively. Spending few bucks on a new RAM is never wasted. DDR5 RAM’s have the best speeds. […] More

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    Optimize your start-up with dominating SEO trends for 2019 – Traffici5

    Digital Marketing never stays the same-practices evolve, and some, in fact, become irrelevant and obsolete. We’re seeing development in search algorithms and user-experience, being empowered by data analytics and artificial intelligence. The focus today is not your business, but your customers. Ready for 2019? Want to know how to market your business? Branding has been […] More

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    How to Extend Car Life

    Taking everything into consideration, are you thinking of taking your car for a benevolent, quick and powerful drive? Look, let’s take a halt right now because we are lacking something. Some of us may not have considered safekeeping our car, and up to the mark! On a brighter side, I hope we are on the […] More

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    The Science of Sleep: how to sleep fast at night

    The Science of Sleep: how to sleep fast at night Do you have trouble sleeping ? You get tired at home, you go to bed because you really want to sleep and rest, but with your head resting on the pillow, suddenly you have an energy or some other idea that inexplicably does not let […] More

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    How To Write A Poem

    A few months ago, I had someone contact me via my Instagram page because I had recently posted a love poem. This man asked me to write a love poem that he could give to his girlfriend as a gift. I suggested to him that he should be the one to write the poem, that […] More

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    How to Know whether you are a functional Alcoholic

      The word alcoholic is associated with addicts. We always think of alcoholics being those filthy, reckless and haggard looking guys who seem not able to function without a taste of the bottle. When you hear the word you want to think of people who should be at the rehabilitation center going through counselling and […] More

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    DIY: How to make Rosin at home

    STEPS FOR MAKING ROSIN Break down the plant material and try and mold them into a small rectangle. This is done to reduce any plant particulates that may end up in your rosin. Also, make sure to use buds that are properly cured and not wet or too dry. If using a rosin bag, place […] More

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