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    Do you remember?

    I wonder if you have few minutes to listen I have few questions I want you to reason Do you remember what you told me the first time you looked into eyes? Do you remember you said you will never leave me till you die? Where are you now? Do you remember when you said […] More

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    Baby, please wait let me tell you something Please do not close the door Please do not leave with those tear in your eyes I understand how you feel right now When I said I loved you, I meant it I understand what you are going through right now I want to go through it […] More

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    Listen to me my people Pay a big attention to me my friends Never compare your relationship with others Just because you see their pictures and post on facebook Instagram, twitter, WhatsApp and the rest. You have no idea what they are going through You have no idea how bad their relationship might be Showing […] More

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    Falling Apart

    I remember when you said you will always love me I remember the smile on your face whenever you see me I remember how happy you were in my arms But now everything is falling apart You used to answer the phone every time I call You reply my messages instantly as it comes But […] More

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    My new name…

    My new name is Thief They say I have stolen your heart away They say I have taken the most beautiful woman in the world Thank you so much for being mine my love My new name is Crazy People call me crazy because I smile for no reason They say am crazy because I […] More

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    Stop and read this


    In life, you must learn to find your own happiness, If you want to be happy, it is important you learn to stand alone. Because at times, you will turn back and there is no one in sight, There is no one to lean on, There is no one to push you. You must learn […] More

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    How many chances?

    CoolCool SweetSweet SadSad

    The weather is cloudy I have been thinking all day How many chances will I give to you Before you stop hurting me? Every time we walk together You keep looking at the hips of every girl and I bleed deep inside, is mine not good enough? I forgave you and gave you another chance […] More

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    I am just a girl

    I am just a girl I am just in this world Like everyone I am here To walk my own path and keep my duties I am just a girl I could have been your sister I could have been your daughter Why do you want to hurt me? Please tell me why I am […] More

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    5th letter to my future wife

    Today, I have been thinking of you and I am writing to share some of those things that crossed my mind with you. Sweet heart, I had appointment for 9 am this morning, I slept and work up 10 am. Before I got to the venue, appointment was cancelled. I am so disappointed! If only […] More