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    Biggest Money Mistakes Based on Zodiac Signs

    Running a little behind on your bills isn’t the only major financial problem that can rock your boat. Apparently, there are plenty of other issues like overspending, poor resource handling, and budgeting that can render you helpless anytime. However, each zodiac sign has its own share of weaknesses and strengths concerning wealth and money. But […] More

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    How Does Your Zodiac Sign Influence Your Finances?

    Whether you’re one of those people who would go on a shopping spree whenever the mood struck them, or you are a self-proclaimed bookkeeper who would carefully keep a record of every penny, how you go about your finances depends heavily on your stars. Finance and Money Horoscope tells a lot about your ability to […] More

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    To Expand Or Not To Expand: Four Considerations For Growing Companies

    The Federal Reserve says that economic activity is strong, and the Labor Department reports that the economy keeps adding jobs across many sectors and unemployment remains low. Non-farm employment increased by 157,000 in July, led by professional and business services, manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance. Other sectors performing well are food & beverage, hospitality, construction […] More

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    How insurance businesses can enhance their bottom line

    Does your insurance company want to reduce cost and save time? If yes, then think about outsourcing insurance services. It is the best way to get a team of dedicated insurance experts who can manage insurance back-office operations efficiently. An expert insurance service provider is capable of handling any type of insurance back-office work that […] More

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    17 Habits of People Who Are Great at Saving Money

    Good savers start now Good savers start early, say Janet Stanzak and Kristin Garrett, certified financial planners who started their firm Financial Empowerment as a way to help people kick bad money habits and develop better ones. Many good money savers were taught as children to sock away for a rainy day but even those who […] More

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    How to Negotiate a Higher Job Offer In Just 1 Simple Sentence

    Like the offer, but want more money or better benefits? This tactic is surprisingly effective. Interviewing for jobs can be grueling. But if you manage to drum up the right answers to trick interview questions and prove you’re worth hiring, there’s light at the end of the tunnel: a job offer. Once that offer letter hits your inbox, […] More

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    16 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online


    When Mark Zuckerberg left Harvard he went on to become one of roughly fifty billionairescreated by the university. And he did so purely with a laptop, an internet connection and a great idea. For many people, the thought of working from home and using the tools Zuckerberg relied on to earn money online sounds like heaven. […] More

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    This guy makes millions buying from Walmart, selling on Amazon

    It seems too easy to be true that you could make millions by raiding the clearance aisle at your local Walmart or Target and then selling your haul on Amazon. But that’s exactly what 28-year-old Ryan Grant is doing. Only four years after quitting his accounting job in Minneapolis, Minn., to flip purchases full-time, his […] More

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    A boss sacks all staff to pursue his dream of ‘not having to work with them’

    Staff at a bus company have been sacked after the boss told them in an internal memo he could not work with them “a moment longer”. Employees at Nippy Bus, which operated services across Somerset, received a message to “consider themselves dismissed/redundant”. The company’s customer website said it has ceased operating with immediate effect. Managing […] More

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    The biggest money scandals of the last 100 years

    SEE HOW THESE CORPORATE SCAMS CAUSED FINANCIAL RUIN “Greed is good,” crowed Gordon Gekko in the 1980s movie “Wall Street.” But greed hasn’t always proved to be a positive motivator for corporations and the individuals who run them. Though the names Bernie Madoff and Enron might be the freshest in the minds of most people, […] More

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    How to live in London on £5 a week

    A woman has come up with a way to eat for just £5 a week by eating food cooked by total strangers. It’s not just a case of eating from bins, Josephine Liang, 25, says she’s even eaten gourmet restaurant dinners. The 25-year-old opted out of conventional grocery shopping about a month ago and has […] More

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    She Lost Everything, Went to Jail, and Now Runs a $11 Million Company

    As founder of a $30 million technical support startup, Heather Blease was on top of the world. But when one mega-client didn’t deliver, her company came crashing down. After nearly a decade, Blease decided to launch the Brunswick, Maine-based SaviLinx, another technical support startup, with a new business model–and a new perspective. A decade after her first business […] More

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    How to invest in real estate without buying any property

    According to our research and experience over the years investing in real estate without proper guidance and knowledge will only results in heartbreaks. We have discover that they are many misconception about real estate, while most people are actually enjoying the benefits of real estate investment  others are struggling to get back their initial investment […] More

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    These are the world’s highest-paid actors in 2017

    If you’re an actor, you quickly learn that certain roles are financially more rewarding than others. In recent years, getting the lead in an action flick or donning tights for a superhero franchise can mean an exorbitant payday. Forbes has released its annual list of highest-paid actors in the world, and cumulatively, these 10 actors earned an […] More

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    Bill Clinton Made Nearly $18M As ‘Honorary Chancellor’ Of A For-Profit College

    In 2010, nine months after Laureate Education CEO Doug Becker attended a private State Department dinner on higher-education policy, Bill Clinton signed on as a consultant and “honorary chancellor” for Laureate International Universities, Celebrity networth reports. The contract paid him $17.6 million over the course of five years, and came to a close in 2015 […] More

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