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    Investment in Turkey

    Article Summary: A study to monitor the most important reasons and types of investment in Turkey, real estate, tourism, industry and invest funds through profitable investment opportunities. In 2007, the Turkish government established an investment support and promotion agency in Turkey, which launched its website in 12 languages, including Arabic, to serve as a link between Turkey […] More

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    This Is The Most Beautiful House In The World


    Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful House in the world looks like? Well, this house here, popular called Fallingwater, is widely recognized by many people as the most beautiful house in the world. The house was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. It is located in southwestern Pennsylvania, United States. In […] More

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    Catholic Association Of Bengal Gets Its First Ever Female President


    An organisation of the Roman Catholics, ‘The Catholic Association of Bengal’ recently got its first-ever female president in 107 years. The executive committee of the association elected Angelina Mantosh Jasnani in a meeting held at St Thomas Church. The association currently has members from 20 different Catholic churches of Bengal, with 2 members from each church that set up the executive committee. This 40-member executive […] More