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    5 Things Working Moms Shouldn’t Forget to Do

    When you’re a working mom, every day is a struggle. Each working mom is a Wonder Woman who is challenged by many supertasks at once. Being productive and successful at work and giving your children love and care, looking good, keeping your house clean, food cooked, and marriage happy – this is what the world […] More

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    5 Things You Need to Teach Your Kids About Personal Hygiene

    Teaching the little ones about anything as they grow is a challenging and an engaging process. The good part is that their brain is sharp enough to absorb new commands and then implement. Of all the habits that parents need to teach, personal hygiene for kids tops the chart. Especially, when the child enters the […] More

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    Flowers That Will Make Women’s Day Special

    Women are special and unique, and this is why womanhood is celebrated every year on March 8th across the world. Recognized as International Women’s Day , it holds special significance. It is a celebration of women’s achievements, a tribute to their struggles and an appreciation for their efforts in making the society a better place. We […] More

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    How to Use Free Tarot Predictions for Marriage?

    Marriages are made in heaven. Often said, this is indeed a debatable topic. Some agree to it some may not. But all of you will agree that marriage is a very big step in someone’s life. And, obviously, no one would want to go for Tarot Reading to decide their partner.  It is something which should not be experimented. […] More

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    1 in 5 Parents Electronically Tracking Kid’s Location: Study says

    One in five parents electronically tracking their kids and teen’s location while they trip to schools or college according to the latest study published in ABC News. Parents seem concerned about their kid’s safety. On the other hand, GPS tracking of kids raises some increasingly common questions: Whether parents should use such apps or devices […] More

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