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    Things Working Moms Shouldn’t Forget to Do

    When you’re a working mom, every day is a struggle. Each working mom is a Wonder Woman who is challenged by many supertasks at once. Being productive and successful at work and giving your children love and care, looking good, keeping your house clean, food cooked, and marriage happy – this is what the world […] More

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    How Handwriting Can Boost Your Child’s Brain

    It’s strange to say, but handwriting has almost become a lost art these days. Most people can remember growing up and spending hours learning to write by hand, and study the art of cursive communication. With all the technology and gadgets at our disposal today, you may wonder if there’s even a need at all […] More

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    I Hope You Know That You Are Irreplaceable

    I  hope you know that you are irreplaceable. I hope you discover that no one else possesses the strength in your heart and the magic in your soul. I hope you know that no heart could ever outshine yours, no matter how powerfully you fear that a stranger with enviable poise, charm, and wit will […] More

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    Be The Girl Who Believes In Love

    I’ve been single all my life. Here’s the thing, though: I haven’t been single because I don’t believe in love. Quite on the contrary – those who know me will tell you, I’m incredibly sappy, overly-sensitive, idealistic to a fault, and romantic to the marrow of my bones. I fall often, and I fall hard. […] More

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    How to make your bridal shower truly memorable?

    Congratulations! Since you are going to get married soon, this is quite the feeling which you had been dreaming of experiencing since your childhood, and now, you are living it. Truly, this is the time you would always remember, but merely relying on the feelings is not enough as you need to make efforts to […] More

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    This Is The Truth About The Good-Time Girl


    It’s Friday night and everybody is somewhere doing something with someone. I’m home alone, cuddling up to my melancholy and on my fourth glass of wine. The truth is, I cannot face another night out downtown pretending I’m things I’m not. I wanted to put away the masks for a night, they’ve been getting heavy, […] More