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    I hope you wait for a man like this

    I hope you wait for a man you can see yourself having children and a family with, if you want that. It’s said that you can pick your husband, but your children cannot pick their father, so choose wisely. I hope you wait for a man who shares his dreams of the future with you. […] More

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    Interesting Winter Date Ideas for Your Zodiac

    The snowy winter season is upon us. And all those couples out there are definitely finding out some interesting and romantic ways to impress their partner. Everyone wants the date with their beloved to go absolutely perfect, and, what could be more perfect than a picturesque winter setting. Here are some interesting ideas you can try […] More

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    Don’t Hurt Her Because Your Ex Hurt You

    If you are heartbroken over getting cheated on or dumped during your last relationship, then you should not rush into a new relationship. Stay single for a while. Put the flirting on hold. Resist rebounding. Spend some well-needed time on your own so you can grow into someone whole, someone ready to love again. Don’t […] More

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    6 Relationship Lies We All Believe That Destroy Real Love

    True love isn’t actually about being compatible, or even about ‘understanding’ one another. 1. Real love never fades. It’s kind of ironic we cling so wholeheartedly to the idea those feelings of romance stirred up in the first passionate, crazy stages of falling in love (which, BTW, have been compared to drug addiction) should last […] More

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    To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Worthless

      To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Worthless, You’re not. And I know you have trouble believing that, because you think people are being nice when they assure you that you aren’t. Here’s what you actually are. You’re talented. Never have I ever met someone with so much talent. You create things I can only […] More

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    5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love In 2019


    With every new year comes a wave of new opportunities and a feeling that says if the last year didn’t do it for me, then this one will do. But of course, there are certain factors that come into play when it’s about something as challenging as lovebecause finding someone who you feel comfortable to share your life with […] More

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    How can Astrology Help your Relationship

    Relationships are complicated, some are easy to maintain, and some are stressful and toxic. It all depends upon the various energies playing through the different phases of life. So if the energy is favoring you, then you may enjoy a good time and if they are not then you might face some challenges and disturbances. […] More

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