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    Read this if you are not sure he’s the one

    It’s such a terrifying thing, isn’t it? The one. So final. So intimidating. So I’ve-heard-this-phrase-a-thousand-times-already-so-it-must-be-serious. It’s the be all and end all. It’s the your life has been leading up to this moment moment. He’s just a person. Just a guy. A very important one to you, probably. The person you love more than anyone […] More

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    Budget friendly travel tips to on Europe country

    Are you really making a plan for your holidays to Europe? Are you now worrying about the budget? If your answer is yes, then let’s grab these top travel tips on how you can save more cash throughout your Europe Tourism. Find Cheapest Airfares – Most importantly you just need to find a great airfare […] More

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    5 Weird and Wonderful Halloween Traditions Around The World

    Halloween is probably the most wildly celebrated festivals in the United States. And why wouldn’t it be, it has got everything – ridiculously colorful costumes, candies, decoration, and not to forget, a crazy fandom. Plus, the timing couldn’t be better. With November chills about to set in, and the Christmas bells ringing in the distance, […] More

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    How to Make Your Skin Glow in Just Two Minutes

    ‘Massage makes you an active partner with your skin,’ says Su-Man. ‘It allows the blood and energy to flow to your face, giving it a lifted and brightened appearance.’ Sounds good to us! But before you scroll down for Su-Man’s video, check out her 4 top self-massage tips first: 1. ALWAYS WORK AGAINST THE EXPRESSION […] More

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    HR Reps Confess The Most Cringe-Worthy Things They’ve Seen From Job Candidates

    “I swear this is true: Someone threw his beer can in the outside trash can before coming into the reception area.” Anonymous HR professional Hey: TMI, people ISTOCK/SANJERI “A guy once talked during the interview about how an affair cost him a previous job.” Anonymous HR professional Read the directions wrong ISTOCK/SZEPY “We ask prospective […] More

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