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    Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Are Reportedly Engaged

    Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are reportedly engaged, according to both Peoplemagazine and Us Weekly. The couple began dating in May. This news hasn’t been confirmed by either Grande or Davidson—we reached out for comment—but sources tell People that it’s a recent development. “They’re just two people who found love quickly and make each other happy all the time,” a source […] More

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    30 Powerful quotes on happiness to inspire your day

    When things look bad and situation look worse, it is good to remind ourselves of what is truly important in life. Today, i would like to share 30 powerful quotes on happiness to help motivate you to greatness. 1.  Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. – Omar Khayyam 2.  Today, give a stranger […] More

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    University students in Beijing have been locked into two bunkers for 200 days, during which they will recycle their urine as part of a test

    University students in Beijing have been locked into two bunkers for 200 days, during which time they’ll be recycling everything – even their urine – to simulate living in a space station or on another planet. The students are contributing to the Lunar Palace 365 Project, which is exploring how humans could create a self-sustaining […] More

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    Woman held in Church for giving stolen chicken as offering

    There was drama and pandemonium at Katikaara Church of Uganda in Katikaara Sub-county, in the mid-western Kakumiro District, when a female worshipper was intercepted at the altar with a stolen hen presented as offertory, Monitor reports The service led by visiting Rev David Mugenyi started on schedule before the irony of Satan’s temptation began playing […] More

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    This stage of life is hard

    This stage of life. It’s hard, you guys. I’m talking right now to you moms who are in your early to mid 30’s. You have kids. Likely two, three, maybe four of them. They probably range in age from newborns to  7 or 8 year-olds. (Give or take a few, on all of the above […] More

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    So, I Guess Sex Is Out of the Question?

    By Steve Horsmon A while back I heard from a woman who was absolutely stunned by her husband’s “cluelessness”. As you might guess, building sexual intimacy is extremely difficult with a “stunned woman”. But the Good news is! YOU have a tremendous personal ability to prevent “Stunned Woman Syndrome” and, in fact, you can help […] More

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    President Obama Grants 153 Commutations (most ever in a single day, 1,176 total) and 78 Pardons (148 total) to Individuals Deserving of a Second Chance

    Today, President Obama granted clemency to 231 deserving individuals — the most individual acts of clemency granted in a single day by any president in this nation’s history. With today’s 153 commutations, the President has now commuted the sentences of 1,176 individuals, including 395 life sentences. The President also granted pardons to 78 individuals, bringing […] More