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    Women are happier after their partner die, study finds

    Women are typically less happy than men until they are 85-years-old, a 2017 NHS survey found. According to psychiatrists, this might be because they have been widowed by that age, The Times reports. The survey of 8,000 British adults also revealed that women are more likely than men to report severe health problems than men throughout their […] More

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    This is the most expensive bra in the world (costs $12.5 million)

    The most expensive bra according to the Guinness book of world record costs $12.5 million. From the Guinness book of world record: “The world’s most expensive bra is the $12.5-million (£8.5-million) Heavenly Star Bra, by Victoria’s Secret, created in 2001. It features 1,200 Sri Lankan pink sapphires and as its centerpiece a 90-carat emerald cut […] More

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    This Is The Most Beautiful House In The World

    Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful House in the world looks like? Well, this house here, popular called Fallingwater, is widely recognized by many people as the most beautiful house in the world. The house was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. It is located in southwestern Pennsylvania, United States. In […] More

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    Two Catholic priests caught having sex in a car

    Two Catholic priests accused of having oral sex inside a parked car in South Beach walked out of jail on Tuesday. A witness reported the men to police officers. It was about 3:30 p.m., and their black Volkswagen Beetle didn’t have tinted windows. A Miami Beach Police Department officer said it was easy to spot […] More

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    Your phone affects your brain even when you are not using it, according to Harvard

    We are well aware of the far-reaching psychological, sociological, and cultural affects of smartphones and social media—and we know that we could all stand to take a break from technology. But as Harvard Business Review reports, it’s not enough to put your phone aside, face-down on your desk—its mere presence can still affect your ability to be productive throughout the […] More

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    Ponpun : A new name

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    The name Ponpun can make you expressive, charming, and affectionate with high ideals and goals. You are impressionable and receptive but also positive and reliable. You feel the suffering and distress of others very keenly, and are drawn into positions of helping, for example, in institutional or community work in education or health care. Able […] More

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    15 Things Americans Do That Confuse the Rest of the World

    1. CUSTOMIZE RESTAURANT ORDERS In some foreign cultures that take pride in their cuisine, it is considered uncouth to request condiments to adjust your meal to taste. Requesting a bottle of ketchup or salt that isn’t already on the table will get you some major side-eye from your server. If you’re worried about committing a […] More

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    Woman Dances All Night Long With Airport Strangers After Missing A Flight And Getting Stranded

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    While some people might sulk and complain about having to spend the night in an airport, Mahshid Mazooji was determined to turn it into a positive experience. Mahshid had missed a connecting flight last month in North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Rather than sit around, angry about the inconvenience, she decided to make the most […] More

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    Amazon worker reunited with engagement ring after accidentally posting it 200 miles away

    A bride-to-be has been reunited with her engagement ring – after accidentally sending it more than 200 miles away. Amazon worker Tatiana Fernandez lost the diamond band in a box of children’s books during the packing process in Gourock, Inverclyde. She and her fiance, Stuart O’Neil, searched for the item along with colleagues, but gave […] More

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    Longtime Friends Separated After Pearl Harbor Reunite 76 Years Later: ‘There Was a Fabulous Kiss’

    When Carl Warner developed a crush on his high school friend, Abby Deutsch, he planned to ask her on a date— but just as he began saving money as a telegram messenger at Western Union, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and America entered World War II. Warner enlisted in the Marines a few days after the attack, […] More

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    Cristiano Ronaldo introduces new twins to the world: “The two new loves of my life”


    Cristiano Ronaldo has posted the first picture of his new twins, after flying home immediately after Portugal’s Confederations Cup defeat to Chile. Ronaldo, 32, posted a picture of himself holding the new additions to the Ronaldo family, declaring: “So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life.” Reports earlier this […] More

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    Woman physically eats £7,000 to stop her cheating husband getting his hands on the money

    A woman in Colombia has eaten her entire life savings to stop her cheating husband getting his hands on the money. Sandra Milena Almeida wolfed down £7,000 ($9,000) in cash after finding out her husband had been unfaithful. The 30-year-old’s actions were only discovered after she was taken to hospital suffering abdominal pains. Doctors then […] More

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    Annual No Pants Subway Ride hits cities around the world

    ubway riders around the world got an eyeful when their fellow transit users stripped down to their underwear on Sunday for the annual No Pants Subway Ride. The event, organized by the Improv Everywhere comedy collective, started in 2002 in New York with seven participants. “We want to give New Yorkers a reason to look […] More

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    4 Things we owe Christmas

    I wrote a play on that title few years ago and the values I portrayed in the story are still true. First, a little girl asked her father to buy her Christmas cloth, the Father informed her that there was no money, but that he has something special to give her on Christmas day, “What […] More

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