Can You Love a Dangerous Woman Like Me?

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It’s courage my dear….

Stepping out boldly from the years of silence and sufferings. When the easiest is to hide under the cover, I no longer wish to conceal the cracks; I’m done pretending and wearing this epic mask of disguise

I’ve decided to let go off my armor and stand naked embracing all the broken and scary parts of mine, for I know that to find what’s real, I need to be authentic to myself. Being vulnerable and honest to others is just not enough.
I refuse to live in the shadow and keep my fire ambuscade…

I’ll ask for what I want and what I need without shame. No I won’t! I just won’t settle down for what’s
“ok” for me. I know I don’t need that
“just ok” when I am worthy of the best and nothing less than that.

It’s bravery my dear…

When my heart wants to take the leap of faith…for this fiery, tender heart of mine knows what to do. I’m no longer willing to apologize for the desires of what beats within my chest … I will speak my truth and show up with integrity.

It’s chaos of silence my dear…

It returned again when a lover I deeply cherished walked away without a word, leaving me with a silence so vast that I could only cry silent tears and wait for my words to come back.

My soul thirsts and longs… My body craves for the soft whispers in the chilly winter wind for a man who knows how to love with all his heart with every pulsating ounce.

It’s a dare to be buoyant my dear…

Inside, there is a feeling that catches fire in my heart and stops my breath with its smoke… leaving me with silent tears of brokenness. There is a continuous war going on inside me… I reel from the uneasiness of its weight against my heart.

But I will not renounce on my desire to be loved by a man who laughs hard and kisses softly. A man who is as fierce as a warrior and as gentle as a breeze… A man who knows how to play and pray.

It’s a fight against excellence my dear…

And as the moon glows in the indigo sky, I wonder how I could possibly love like this again. Then my thoughts are drawn towards the uncharted territory to invoke that fire within.

For I’m ready for a man who owns up to his flaws, who is not perfect but he’s perfect for me with a kind and yet a brave heart. I’m ready for a man who knows how to weep and is not afraid of shedding his inhibitions and express his emotions.

A man who is moved by nature, beauty and humming songs to blossoming buttercup buds while caressing soft emerald leaves.

A man who is not afraid to hit the bottom only to become softer and wiser
I’m ready for a man who can love a dangerous woman like me, as I stand firmly in my passion and purpose that vibrates hot truths in my voice.

It’s audacity of hope my dear…

As I lay awake at night caressing my lone body… I can feel the taste of citrus popping against the tingle of desire.
Holding on to that coveted and growing sensation stirring a thunderstorm within me as I feel the high of the raising vibrations and sending out a wish to the universe …with each rising breathe …. All the while, feeling the stars shine beneath my skin, calling to the one in the constellation who’s been created for me.

A man who looks at me with his eyes but his soul piercing through
A man who is boldly committed and tied at the knot of his own truth. A man who will never keep me guessing as to where I stand in his life.

A man who believes in the mystery of love and will jump with both feet, And whenever I think of such a man, the embers burn in my belly, my inner fire sparks to life. I burn and I burn for you…

“Kiss me, mercilessly. Leave no corner of me untouched.” ~ Beau Taplin

Originally Posted by Juhee Bagri on The Good Men Project

About Juhee Bagri

Juhee Bagri is an Image consultant and Publicist by profession and Shamanism student and mother by choice. Juhee lives in Mumbai, India with a cat who has adopted her. Her love for animals and nature has partially made her a snake rescuer.

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