Confession Of A Runs Girl : My Nightmare With A Nigerian Senator

I was about finishing a lecture in school when my phone rings, I checked to see who was calling but the number was not in my contact list. So I tried to see how I can talk with the person but the funny expression from my Professor’s face made me ignore the call. Few minutes after the class, the phone rang again, when I removed it from my bag it was the same number.

“Good evening Bisola” the voice on the other end said, I tried to make sense of who was calling me, but I couldn’t, so I had to play along.
“Good evening sir” I replied. There was a calm music from his background, I was almost carried away by the song because it was one of my favorite.
“I can see you like what you are hearing” he said and I smiled.

“Your friend Uche gave me your number, she says you are the best, How do we meet?” I paused for a moment to understand what was actually going on in Uche’s mind when she decided to collect money on my behalf without seeking my consent.

“But sir.. ” I struggled to speak.

“Don’t worry, I will send someone to pick you up in School on Friday, my wife just left to Dubai, I need to have some fun, now that she is away, just prepare and be ready for me” before I could say anything he had hung up the call.

Please don’t judge me for what I do, If you don’t know my story! I didn’t chose to do this, it was circumstances that pushed me into it, if you were in my shoe, maybe you would have done the worst, well that’s a story for another day.

I tried to call Uche to Confront her but the number didn’t go through, I wanted to have a clue of who my client was, because after what happened to my friend ‘the sweet Calabar princess’ I was very careful with how I run my own game.

As soon as the call to Uche went through, “Hey baby” she shouted “you don hammer, has Senator called you?” She was always so funny at times, most time her words and action are mostly unpredictable.
“Abeg, stop that joke, who you give me number to? ” I yelled back at her.

She laughed, ” I swear if you no give me 30%, I will……. , make I no even talk am, babe, na that Senator where u like well well ”

I couldn’t believe my ears, my breakthrough was almost near, I was always hoping to get at least one big client who can pay very well then retire and marry my dream man. That’s the dream of most of my friends, like “the sweet Calabar princess” she will tell me the situation of her family, she has used the struggle to put her two brothers and herself through University before she met someone who did something terrible to her. “Bisola, if I can get just a Senator, my problems will be over, I will just stick with him, serve him well, then retire well with benefits”

Uche and I will laugh at her, but she was always so serious, unlike me and Uche, she was a very religious person, she will pray before and after coming back from work.
Before things fall apart on her side we run a successful business, we had a client list and addresses for security purposes, any client I followed home, I will inform the two of them, but the day she became a victim, we didn’t know who picked her, she just received an urgent call and that was it. Till now, we are still trying to figure out what happened.

It takes me less than 10 minutes to dress on a normal day, but I had to take more than 30 minutes to prepare myself to meet the standard, so that I will become irresistible.
When I get to school that morning, I couldn’t really concentrate on the lectures, I was thinking about how the Senator will treat me. Some of my friends has shared wonderful stories of how a senator change their lives just for one night while others had shared sad stories, me I wanted to have a good testimony, unlike me, I prayed to God for favour before leaving house, and I was still praying when the call and the car drove in to pick me.

“Are you Bisola” The tall, huge man who looks like a bouncer asked. “Yes, I am” I responded.
“Enter the car” he opened the door for me and we zoomed off. We didn’t talk throughout the 18 minutes drive, when we arrived Ivories global resort, another driver was waiting for me, I left the first car which was a commercial cab and enter another car and before 20 minutes we had arrived at a place where I was hoping to meet the Senator.

“Make yourself comfortable, he will join you shortly” The driver showed me my room and zoomed off. In my line of work, I have meet people who hate sex workers but love sex, people who preached bad about sex workers, but come to pay us for sex. I have so many striking photos, so many great and bad memories, I even get into an argument once with one of my classmates in school who claimed to be a saint, but she has 4 different Men as sex partner. To her, her God will throw me into hell while she will be welcomed into heaven. When I meet people with this kind of myopic opinion I am always so sad.

“Bisola, Open up” a deep voice from the next room.  Lo and behold when I open the door, the senator was starring straight into my eyes. He didn’t look normal but he was very fit and happy.
“Undress me.” We went into action immediately, I tried all the style I could to please him, I gave him blow job, I dance naked while he watch, we even chatted, he told me so many wonderful things and asked me what he can do to help me, I was so happy, we smile, we even dance together, but we pause a little when his phone rang.
It was one Alhaji on the line.

“Yes, my brother, I know, I’m in a meeting at the Presidential villa, I will be at your house 3:30am” I could hear the Good night and laughter from the other end as he ends the call.

“Don’t tell me, you were listening to my conversation ” He became so furious, I tried to defend myself but he was so fast, suddenly we became enemies, he slapped me, beat me and pushed me down on the bed. He was using all his energy to fu*K me. I tried to shout, I tried to push him away but I was powerless.
I was looking for how to escape but he was too strong for me.
One hour later, he abandon me on the bed and left, I struggled, I prayed for help, I cried, I shouted but no one was around to help.

30 minutes later, I gather a little strength, pack my bag and move out of the room. As I struggled to walk down the stairs, I heard footsteps from my back, I knew my end was close, so I stop and waited for anything that will befall me.
“Bisola” When I turned back it was “My sweet Calabar princess”. She dragged me into the next room and locked the door.
“I followed you here to save you, Senator is on drugs, he will come back to finish you” She said.

“How do we escape? ” I became so restless.
” Don’t worry, switch off your phone and follow me” she gave me a bottle of coca cola and we crawl out of the hotel.

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