Friends Don’t Let Friends

I used to think that life was wonderful when you have thousands of friends, but I realized, you just need one special friend who will be there when others don’t seem to notice your existence.

I’m not saying having thousands of friends is not good, but when the times are so high it very hard to distinguish between real friends, true friend, fake friends and friends with benefits.

I used to think that friends don’t break friends, but what about heart breaks? What about Divorce?
What about those who hide in the pretence of friendship just to make you cry?

I used to believe that silence was always a good answer, but when a friend keep quiet when you appreciate or express how he or she means to you, silence becomes an headache that can break you.

As I sit here staring up just to say a prayer of gratitude to the one who holds my tomorrow, I realized that,
True friends don’t let each other down. Will you be that my true friend?

Culled from “I Have been broken enough series by Abel Udoekene

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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